>>the hats




these are just a few examples of hats I’ve made – there are so many more colors available!



QUESTION: What is the procedure for ordering a hat?
ANSWER: First you will e-mail me telling me you want one, and the color you would like.
I will then respond to your e-mail and send you a bill via PayPal.
Once you have made your payment, I will make your hat

QUESTION: I don’t see a list of available colors. How do I choose?
ANSWER: I am currently working on making up a list to make this step easier, but for now, you can tell me what you’d like and I will fulfill it to the best of my ability.
(for example, these would be easy to pinpoint:  “off-white” “light gray” “red” “lime green” … not “mountain river blue” or “burnt cookie brown” – as much as I appreciate the creativity.)

QUESTION: How much are the hats?
ANSWER:  Adult sized hats are currently $25 USD plus shipping.
Infant /  toddler sized hats are $15
Child sized hats are $20.

QUESTION: I don’t have a PayPal account, can I just pay with a credit card or cash?
ANSWER: You can actually pay with a credit or debit card through PayPal without having an account. Cash only works if you’re local and we’re basically friends.

QUESTION: How long will it take to get my hat?
ANSWER: Once payment is received, give your hat 1-2 weeks to be created & shipped.
These things take time.

QUESTION: How much is shipping?
ANSWER: It varies depending on where you live, but from me to contiguous states in the U S of A,  it will be $3.75.

QUESTION: Do news anchors wear your hats?
ANSWER: No, but they want to.

QUESTION: Can I get some kind of discount on my hat?
ANSWER: No, but if you follow along with my facebook page, you might stumble upon a contest once in a while, in which case winning would cause the lucky person’s hat to be free of charge. That’s a decent discount.

QUESTION: How long does it take to make one?
ANSWER: That’s a tough question, because so much goes into it. I cut the fabric for the labels, sew them into tiny rectangles, paint the stamp (which I also carved by hand!) and hand stamp every label.
I crochet the hat itself, then run the elastic through the rim.
Lastly, I pick out the perfect shade of embroidery floss that will complement the hat and hand stitch the label onto the hat and write my website on the back with a fabric marker.
I also print out my own tags, cut them out, punch a hole, thread through the cute red & white yarn and fix it to the hats once complete with a tiny adorable clothespin.
Quality is very important to me, and I want each hat to be pretty much perfect.

QUESTION: So basically, $25 for one of these painstakingly-made beanies is a really good deal?
ANSWER: Yes, yes it is.

QUESTION: How do you find time to make hats with two kids?
ANSWER: I wait until they go to bed, and then I stay up and work on my hats while I watch through various t.v. series on Netflix. I can’t watch t.v. without crocheting now, because it feels like a huge waste of time if I’m not working on something. Sometimes I listen to music instead.
I have to be doing something though, or obviously, I’d fall asleep. And don’t ask me if they sleep through the night.

QUESTION: Are you just making up some of these questions, or are these  all things people have already asked you?
ANSWER: I may have asked myself the same thing.


If you have a different question, feel free to ask. If it needs to go in the list, I’ll add it. Thanks!


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