Dainty centerpieces


Today I decided it was a perfect day to go through my craft things,
And I wound up putting these tiny little arrangements together.
The bottles were excavated by my husband while he was at work.
Thankfully he threw them in his truck and gave them to me!
They are so old and cool.







Most of these twigs and things are left from my wedding centerpieces so it’s kind of nice looking at them again.

-peace and love-



My father-in-law bought a book called “Leaves of Gold” at a local thrift store
And it has a wellspring of knowledge within.
I want to doodle out some of the shorter quotes that I like.
Here is the first!

I’ve never heard this marriage/shears analogy before.
Too funny! But true.

peace and love-

Paper Ceilings & Chandeliers

While in Chicago over the past weekend,
We stopped at the Houndstooth Saloon to kill some time while waiting for the Volcano Choir show at the Metro.

Though it was very loud, mostly due to the fact that it’s located directly under the train tracks,
I was happily distracted with the adorable ceiling and decided that I would try that someday in my own home.

paperceiling paperceiling2


-peace and love-

Tiny Felt Toys

I don’t really do a lot of hand-sewing, besides sewing tags on my hats.
I had some felt, and a friend with an adorable 3 year old birthday girl having a Curious George themed party so
I decided to try my hand at sewing her some tiny little figures to go along with the theme.
Unfortunately, I was not finished with them in time for the party,
But assuming that she hasn’t outgrown her fancy for that delightful monkey in the last 2 days,
We will be bringing them over to her today.
It was much more time-consuming than I anticipated,
But so fun!
I can’t wait to do some more little felties.




-peace and love-

Dream a Little Dream

A little song for Mother’s Day
That really doesn’t have anything to do with Mother’s Day
Except for the fact that I’m a mom
(still feels a bit weird saying that)
And I felt like playing this one so I did.
And Mother’s Day is all about doing whatever you want
Because it’s the hardest volunteer job in the world there will ever be.
So don’t forget to call your mom,
Or the person who takes the motherly role in your life
And tell ’em you couldn’t live without’ em!

-peace and love-

Mad Men Garb, Anyone? First Lady?

I finally got around to listing some great vintage pieces on my Etsy that I’ve been hanging on to for a long time.
And after getting sidetracked like ten million times,
And looking at all the amazing 1950’s style party frocks,

(And wishing I could find a place online to watch the most recent season of Mad Men before I start my TVFREE2013)

I’ve decided that if MY husband was the President of the US of A,
I would completely deck myself out in Etsy finds and wear only vintage party dresses.
I hope that my husband never becomes the President though,
And I’m really sure that will never happen so I won’t worry about that.

Taking the pictures for the listing is half the fun!

So what do you think – are these dresses Joan, Betty, or Peggy?



-peace and love-