Down, Down, Baby!

Husband decided he wanted a down pullover jacket for camping.
He went and bought some nylon fabric.
We appointed an old down comforter of ours to participate.
We attempted to make it.

Drawing lines for sewing the baffles
Drawing lines for sewing the baffles



Michelin sleeve!
Michelin sleeve!



Two sleeves, waiting for a body...
Two sleeves, waiting for a body…



Stuffing those darn tootin’ baffles








Pinned and ready to assemble!
Pinned and ready to assemble!



Sewing... sewing...
Sewing… sewing…



Getting bored....
Getting bored….



Still sewing...
Still sewing…



And done!
And done!



Side view
Side view






Warmest collar ever? I think so!
Warmest collar ever? I think so!



El fin.
El fin.



So that is what we did, and that was that.
What do you think?


-peace and love-












Like most people who aren’t vampires or allergic to the sun,
I am not a huge fan of cold rainy days.
So the past week has been rather annoying.
The few things I planted have actually begun to sprout!
I took pictures to prove it.
I am notorious for ruining the life of any plant that I so much as glance at,
So this is a big deal for me.

Here begins our tour.
This is swiss chard.
I’m not sure what I’ll do with it once it matures,
But we had seeds and I stuck them in the ground.
My mom juices it. I’ll give her some.


Next we have here cute little spinach.
I actually like spinach a lot and will eat it if it actually grows up.


And these are radish sproutlings.
They need to be thinned out
It looks like they will be easy to grow at this point
But who knows with me…

These are my big herbs that I bought that way.
They inspired me to build the herb garden
And plant some new vegetables this year just to see what happens.
They were like,
“HEY what have you got to lose?”
And I said “$5.oo”
And they looked at me and said nothing.
I hung my head in shame.
It’s almost $5 for a tiny package of basil leaves at the grocery store
And here I wasn’t even willing to shell out the same for an ENTIRE PLANT?
Parsley and basil.
Basil got munched on by some dumb bugs or something
But hopefully will recover.
Otherwise I’m going back to Lowe’s for a replacement.


Ahh last but not least.
Here is a picture of the pallet-herb-garden.
So far so good.


And that is that.
Now the sun can come out.

-peace and love-

Friday = weekendstart.

I have an official ad for my music on a blog!
I feel so super incredibly special,
Especially since her art is really sweet.
She even made me look cool. HA!
Check it!
In other news,
My brother’s band is playing their first show tomorrow night
They’ll be performing a few songs that I wrote
SO that will be fun to observe!
I tried my hand at screen-printing T-shirts today
And there were things I liked about it
And things I didn’t like
But all in all,
They turned out pretty okay.
See for yourself.

There are many colours and styles,
Because the shirts are all upcycled!

In yet OTHER news
I finally have Spotify.
Who knows how to use it
But eventually I’ll get the hang of it.
I usually do when it comes to these things.
I like “EET” a lot by Regina Spektor.
It has such a nice melody to it.

I made lots of links in this post. I wonder if they will work?

So that is that
And this is this

OH also.
I found a way to wear my hair while I grow it out that I don’t hate.
I just pin up the mullety business going on in the back
And shwoop the top around until satisfactory
Give it a few squirts of hair-spray
Or some kind of ploppy products and
Hair that I hopefully will stop cutting for a while!

-peace and love-