Drop-Me-Not : A D.I.Y. Selfie-Safe iCase

(Scroll down to skip the corny spiel and get right to the DIY project because you’re too cool to read silly things!)

You’re on the hike of your life with your human best friend, and your canine bestie too.
You reach the summit.
The view is breathtaking.
You snap some pictures with your iPhone to remember it forever,
But deep down,
(oh let’s be honest. It’s just a blaring fact!)
You know the whole view would be better with all of your awesome faces in the frame.
You squish your sweaty heads together and hold your iPhone-camera out in front of you.
But wait!
Sir Fluffers isn’t in the picture!
You tilt it down to catch his imploring brown eyes in the shot and…

<insert horrified expressions and slow-motion scene here>
(I know you’re seeing this how I’m seeing this)

Your iPhone, along with all the precious photos that you’ve taken in the past year,
(Not to mention phone numbers, calendar reminders, life-goals & to-do lists)
Tumbles end over end down the rocky cliff and into a weedy, forest-y oblivion.

If only you would have had something to keep it from falling!
Something that would have allowed you to capture that triumphant moment
Without batting an eye
Without the turn of a stomach
Without giving a darn-toot about damaging your priceless-memory-laden electronic device!


I am about to give you instructions on how to make

DROP-ME-NOT : The Selfie-Safe case.

It is also helpful when you are lying in bed watching Netflix on that miniature screen.
Or if you are running.
Or on an amusement park ride.
Or holding your phone out of a car window, although I still wouldn’t recommend that in most circumstances.

First you will need:

  • A cheap, flexible plastic iPhone case  (try K-mart or the like if you don’t have one lying around!)
  • A permanent marker
  • A cutting board
  • Pinking shears (regular scissors will work if you don’t have these)
  • Exact o knife or other precision cutting tool
  • Wide ribbon
  • A hot glue gun with a glue stick  (DUH!)


1: Make marks where you plan to be cutting the slits for the ribbon to go through.
You actually only need two lines, one for the top and one for the bottom.
This was a make-it-up-as-you-go thing for me, so I drew many lines. Ignore the rest! Go look at the next picture!


2: Use the sharp knife/tool to cut a little slot.
Try your ribbon in it to make sure it’s the same width before you get too carried away with that knife.


3: Fold one of the ribbons in half and stick it through the slot.
4:Trim the raw ends of  the ribbon with your shears to keep them from fraying.
5:Put your pointer-finger through and adjust it to the tightness that feels comfortable for your personal finger.
You want to be able to easily slide it on, yet keep it from sliding off too easily, and additionally not have your digits turning blue & cold on you.


6: Get that hot-glue-gun and secure the ribbon down on the inner side of the case.
Remember to keep your adjustments that you just made for your finger-size.


7: Repeat all steps and create the bottom loop in the same fashion.
It helped me to hold it with my finger the top loop while I measured the angle for the bottom, as your ring finger will naturally point a little bit downward while your pointer finger is pretty much straight across. Makes sense, right?


8: This isn’t even a real step! BECAUSE YOU ARE DONE!

This is how the insides will look! Cute eh? Not really but your iPhone will be covering it, so who cares! Not this girl!


I should have thought of using a ribbon that didn’t resemble children’s band-aids,
but that didn’t cross my mind beforehand.
You can learn from my oversight.




I hope you love this contraption as much as I do.
I had so many thoughts of how there should be a case like this,
And then finally decided to make my own.
I have since googled it and there are some loopy cases you can buy
But this one is personalized JUST FOR YOU and probably a lot cheaper! 🙂
I’d love to see pictures of your own version if you make one.
I’m on Instagram as  OHLEAHLEAH
Keep me in the ‘loop’  (har har!)

-peace and love-

P.S. Feel free to Pin this DIY to your Pinterest board if you can’t get to it now!  You WILL want to do this for yourself!