Of the Cloth

Although I sort of may have once or twice said that I would never wind up doing this,
( I take it back, before W was born, I had thought I would…
But after experiencing the world of newborn-poo for myself,
I never thought about it seriously again )
I stumbled upon the deal of all deals through a local co-op group
And thought to myself,
“Hmmm! Instead of grimacing and grabbing that $40 box of disposable di-dees
That only lasts approximately one month on my little non-potty-chair-interested 2.5 year old,
I could buy enough CLOTH diapers to last a few days,
For the price of two boxes of disposables,
And save a butt-load of money!”

I decided to take the plunge,
Partially because of saving money
(Ok mostly because of that)
And partially because…umm I will admit… these diapers are super cute.
And I’m a sucker for cute.


So here are my observations:

>>I am staying caught up on laundry, because I know I have to wash these diapers. *SCORE!*

>>They are soft and the baby-child likes them.


>>They photograph well.


>>They aren’t THAT hard to manage.

>>The loose poop factor is kind of gross, but it DOES come off and they don’t smell.

>>The laundry detergent I bought to wash them with comes in a super-cute tin!


>>They usually do not last all night on him, but now using 1 disposable per day isn’t going to break the bank.

I’m still new at this, so we’ll see how I handle a poop-splotion in public.
It’s sort of my greatest fear right now.

If you have any advice to offer me (besides sun bleaching, which I plan to do this summer when it’s possible)
Leave it!

-peace and love-