Bikes & Boys

I was at the Hob Lob yesterday, making my usual yarn rounds
And happened upon some great super soft fleece bicycle fabric
Along with a matching chevron
(Husband is a bicycle enthusiast)
So I decided that littlest dude needed a new baby blanket.
Then eldest dude insisted upon needing pajama pants.
This is what came of it!
Next time I will be using a pants pattern, however!
(And perhaps next time I won’t have to stand with a sleeping baby
in the Ergo-baby-carrier whilst using the sewing machine!)



And since my sewing machine was already out,
I upcycled a weird halloween raven shirt I had thrifted for a different project I never did
And made that into a fun little beanie.

birdhat2 birdhat3 birdhat4

So needless to say,
My house has fallen apart in the meantime!
But this was fun, so it all evens out.

-peace and love-

2 Little Cantaloupes

The stinkin’ deer and groundhogs devoured all the cantaloupe except for two.
They had a rough time growing and because of the yard varmints,
We decided to pick the last two before they were eaten as well.
Cantaloupe is so pretty.
To be honest though, these didn’t taste the greatest.
Oh well!


(I don’t have a monster sized hand, so you can see how very dainty these melons are indeed)

Maybe we’ll have better luck next year in the garden!

-peace and love-