An Accidental Discovery!

When confronting dishes in my sink one day,
I found a jalapeno slice stuck to the bottom of a copper-bottomed saucepan,
And when I took it off, there was a bright shiny spot!
So that was the birth of a little short-cut-no-scrub-shiny-pot-bottom trick!
It only seemed fitting that I should make a little comic out of it.
At least this is how I picture it…

copperpot1 copperpot2 copperpot3 copperpot4 copperpot5 copperpot6


-peace and love-


State your Necklace.

My newest clay creation!
I wish I had some Minnesota dirt to put in the tiny jar!

Now I just need to find all the other 49 state cookie cutters…



Click on the picture to see it on my Etsy! More pictures there too. 🙂


-peace and love-