Dingleballs. Sequins. Padiddle.

It has been quite some time since a post!
Want to know why?
Well, I discovered I had access to Downton Abbey season 2.
So I watched all of them in one week with my spare evening time.
What else happened?
A bunch of things and it’s been busy.
But I miss drawing.
“Mulder and Scully” are next.

So today I made a lantern.
It’s a lantern with no light in it, at least not right now.
But it could in the future.
Which is kind of like a headlight with no bulb.
Which is a padiddle.
And my car is definitely in that category right now,
I realized,
As I sat in the bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to cross the bridge after dinner in Iowa
And jamming out to the crappy tunes on the radio with the 2-year-old-past-his-bedtime
WHO, for being in that state, was actually in a great mood and didn’t cry at all as we sat and sat and sat.
All that to say,
I noticed my headlight was out.
Oh well!


-peace and love-