2 Little Cantaloupes

The stinkin’ deer and groundhogs devoured all the cantaloupe except for two.
They had a rough time growing and because of the yard varmints,
We decided to pick the last two before they were eaten as well.
Cantaloupe is so pretty.
To be honest though, these didn’t taste the greatest.
Oh well!


(I don’t have a monster sized hand, so you can see how very dainty these melons are indeed)

Maybe we’ll have better luck next year in the garden!

-peace and love-



First drawing on my new toy!
A Wacom Bamboo.



Such fun to use!

This is how my garden grows.

And the herbs…


A sad bit of lettuce.


Grapes are always better looking with a baby running behind…

My little helper 🙂


This week has been weird.
I want to delete facebook (I KNOW, I KNOW… AGAIN)
But at the same time I don’t.
I just need to make up my mind and do it or not do it.

That’s about all I have to say about that.

-peace and love-

Today was so weird!
But the weather was beautiful
And I built an herb garden in my normal garden with my Pops-in-Law
It is going to be awesome.
I will take a picture of it and probably brag about it on here later.
I can’t wait until my little planties start appearing in our dinners.

As I was ’tilling up the land’
I couldn’t help but think of
“She thinks my tractor’s sexy”
And I kept singing it.
Oh my.

-peace and love-