With Every Christmas Card I Write

We decided to be cheap this year and not send out a physical Christmas card,
As much as I like doing that…
It’s just personal and nice and whatever but…
Also costs like a hundred bucks for something someone reads and then throws away.
I think we will go digital this time around.

My hub drew a doodle,
And I took it and did a little tweaking with colour and whatnot on the computer.
It would make a nice Christmas card cover,
So I put it up on Etsy for the heck of it 🙂



Want to support us so we can send out real Christmas cards next year? 😉
Buy the digital image here!

-peace and love-


An Inspirational Poem for the Couch Potato.

Are you aware,
As you sit there,
Wasting time inside your chair,

You can burn fat?
Imagine that!
While you recline by your dumb cat.*

Just gently lean,
A forward scene,
And feel your stomach muscles scream!

It’s a safe bet
You’ll soon forget
You’re straining forward, even yet!

So do this thing
And you shall bring
Thinness to your middle ring.

That tire spare
Won’t stay right there.
Your gym-bound friends won’t think it’s fair.

But you can smile
And skip the mile
Surf-the-net-ing all the while

Now go inspire
And set the fire
Beneath some other lazy try-er.


*I realize all cats are not dumb, but most of them are.


p.s. this poem is just silliness. I like rhyming when I get tired, and I was actually trying to do some sort of lame-o chair sit up so I wouldn’t feel so lazy and this is what happened.  Now I’m going to go to bed.