Wisdom From the Aged

A while ago I was reading Whole Living
And came across some little interviews with elderly women
Who were sharing their perspectives on life and whatnot.
This one stood out to me, so I tore the page out and saved it forever.
Finally, I got around to scanning it in so I could share it.
I couldn’t find it online anywhere, although I’m sure it’s floating around somewhere in cyber-space…
The point is, she is 100 and I love what she has to say.
Especially (obviously) the part I drew crazy lines around and underlined.
It’s so true.

Read and ponder.



-peace and love-

Math Homework …

For those of you who weren’t in the know,
I was homeschooled.
Moving right along…
For some reason one year, I think maybe I was in 8th grade,
I felt led to create an inspirational proverb at the bottom of each of my math papers upon their completion.
This went on for quite some time, and my mom still teases me about  it every now and then.
The moral of that little story is that I still like making up quotes, poems and proverbs.
I am going to be a perpetual 8th grader for my entire life, it seems.
But it’s okay.
I embrace that.
Here is one I made today, because I wanted to play with my drawing tablet again.




Go change your world!

-peace and love-