I got my new computer!!
I love that it has a number pad.
I’m kind of weirdo like that.
I am attempting to get used to Windows 8.1.
I feel like I need to take a class.
It’s kind of overwhelming.
First and foremost,
I got my Bamboo Wacom Drawing Tablet hooked up and ready to roll and I must say,
This 17 inch screen is AWESOME for doodling.

When I have some more time I’ll do a cool doodle.

-peace and love-




Happy Independence Day!

A doodle for youdle.

I am going to have the most relaxing holiday that I possibly can,
And probably sing every patriotic song I ever learned.
And maybe a Christmas song, just for the heck of it.
Also I usually end up singing the ABC’s multiple times per day,
And have found myself humming it through the aisles while shopping…
Even when I DON’T have the baby with me. (#momproblems)
End bunny trail.



-peace and love-