Of the Cloth

Although I sort of may have once or twice said that I would never wind up doing this,
( I take it back, before W was born, I had thought I would…
But after experiencing the world of newborn-poo for myself,
I never thought about it seriously again )
I stumbled upon the deal of all deals through a local co-op group
And thought to myself,
“Hmmm! Instead of grimacing and grabbing that $40 box of disposable di-dees
That only lasts approximately one month on my little non-potty-chair-interested 2.5 year old,
I could buy enough CLOTH diapers to last a few days,
For the price of two boxes of disposables,
And save a butt-load of money!”

I decided to take the plunge,
Partially because of saving money
(Ok mostly because of that)
And partially because…umm I will admit… these diapers are super cute.
And I’m a sucker for cute.


So here are my observations:

>>I am staying caught up on laundry, because I know I have to wash these diapers. *SCORE!*

>>They are soft and the baby-child likes them.


>>They photograph well.


>>They aren’t THAT hard to manage.

>>The loose poop factor is kind of gross, but it DOES come off and they don’t smell.

>>The laundry detergent I bought to wash them with comes in a super-cute tin!


>>They usually do not last all night on him, but now using 1 disposable per day isn’t going to break the bank.

I’m still new at this, so we’ll see how I handle a poop-splotion in public.
It’s sort of my greatest fear right now.

If you have any advice to offer me (besides sun bleaching, which I plan to do this summer when it’s possible)
Leave it!

-peace and love-

Saling, saling…

I don’t usually stop at yard sales.
I’m one of those annoying people who typically creeps by slowly,
Glances pretentiously around the yard,
And upon seeing nothing worthy, drives off.

Ok I’m not actually a snobby jerk, but you know what I’m saying.
The yard full of primary coloured plastic toys and worn out sporting equipment just doesn’t appeal to me.


Today I hit the jackpot.

A big box of cloth diapers AND

a couple pairs of babyGap skinny jeans!
I could have blown all the cash I had there on cute baby girl clothes for my pretend niece,
But I held myself back.
Since my bestbest is expecting a baby boy now too,
This multitude of diapers is hopefully really going to be useful. 




Also in other news,
This delicious-looking salad was created from stuff in my  yard.
Remember that little garden I talked about planting?
Some of the veggies are finally mature enough to eat!
Yum yum


My little buddy is a total  goofball.

-peace and love-