Happy Independence Day!

A doodle for youdle.

I am going to have the most relaxing holiday that I possibly can,
And probably sing every patriotic song I ever learned.
And maybe a Christmas song, just for the heck of it.
Also I usually end up singing the ABC’s multiple times per day,
And have found myself humming it through the aisles while shopping…
Even when I DON’T have the baby with me. (#momproblems)
End bunny trail.



-peace and love-


Happy American-ness to all of you Americans.
I’ve had this idea for a drawing in my head since last year,
And now that I have my new drawing toy,
I decided I should just do it.

Apple pie is my favourite, second to pumpkin.
I found a delicious looking picture of an apple pie here
(BONUS! There are directions to make your own!)
And used the picture to go off of, because the apple pie in my head didn’t look nearly as scrumptious as this one.
I hope this inspires you to go bake a pie and enjoy your freedoms with every bite.

-peace and love-