Pinterest win!

If you’re getting depressed because you keep screwing up your beautiful Pinterest ideas once you try them yourself, here’s one that won’t leave you sobbing & rocking in the corner!

A triceratops cake!

She gives great step-by-step fail proof instructions. I wound up making my vegan cake and frosting from scratch, but I’m sure whichever recipe you use will work with the decorating.

Head over here to make yours!
-peace & love-

Wishing on a Lantern

My friend Bettina turned 30 yesterday
And her birthday party was so super.
They found a wish lantern at the grocery store
And we went to the river to help see it off.
It was so cute and special that I figured I would slap a few pictures on here.

Lighting of the Lantern
Making her Wish
Letting Go

I know, now you want to go buy one and do this yourself.
What’s stopping you?

-peace and love-