Amazing Artist Painter Lady

I saw a woman while I was out Christmas shopping last December.
She had paint on her coat.
And paint on her purse.
I mean, anybody can be working on painting their house
And maybe they have to run out for something,
Or maybe it just hasn’t scrubbed off yet…


This was different.
The spots were all different colours,
And it wasn’t just a little accidental
“Oopsie daisy, I still have paint on my hands and I touched my purse … and coat… and jeans…”
And she didn’t have any paint on her hands or anything…
PLUS she was Christmas shopping!!

So I started judging her, thinking
“This joker probably wants everyone to think she’s an artist
So she purposely gets paint on her stuff
So people will stop and admire how incredibly artistic she is.”

I mean really, who wipes paint on their purse while they are working on a painting?
The coat, I could mayyyybe understand but…

Now you know what a jerk I truly am.

-peace and love-