Honey, Please

I am participating in something called “February Album Writing Month” which I discovered through my brother.

It’s basically where anyone who needs a little kick in the pants and some motivation to get some music writing done can go and attempt to write at least 14 songs in the month of February. Check it out if you’re curious to know more at http://www.fawm.org

I have 2 completed songs and a few incomplete songs… and many more to go,

But here is this for now!
Thanks for listening!


-peace and love-

Wisdom From the Aged

A while ago I was reading Whole Living
And came across some little interviews with elderly women
Who were sharing their perspectives on life and whatnot.
This one stood out to me, so I tore the page out and saved it forever.
Finally, I got around to scanning it in so I could share it.
I couldn’t find it online anywhere, although I’m sure it’s floating around somewhere in cyber-space…
The point is, she is 100 and I love what she has to say.
Especially (obviously) the part I drew crazy lines around and underlined.
It’s so true.

Read and ponder.



-peace and love-