So I’m supposed to believe that…



Here’s to all you Dana Scully fans.
I’m still watching The X-Files chronologically.
It takes a while when there are over 200 episodes…
Not looking forward to next season when Doggett enters the scene…


I’m a crazy person.
Time to sleep.

-peace and love-


Today, today.

Would you like to know how big of a dork I am?
Too bad. I’m divulging anyhow.
I decided to go with Audrey Tautou today,
Because she is cute and beautiful and everyone loves her, right?
I sort of listened to the Amelie soundtrack on Spotify whilst I drew her.
Is that dorky?
Maybe normal people do that.
Who knows.
We don’t’ talk about those kinds of things.
That’s more what the internet is for, yeah?


-peace and love-