I am NOT on the non-plan plan…

I get all dorkily excited about new things.
New Years are no exception.
And I’ve not been to New York yet, so I’m not sure,
But I’d probably get excited about that too, even though it’s kind of a pun.
The point is,
I like having a fresh start for the new year.
I like having goals.
I never really stick to my goals,
I always think,
“This could be it!
This could be the year I follow through!”
So I’m working on the things for which I’ll set myself up for disappointment (OR NOT!)
Only THIS year, I’m going to put it up here for all to see.
Yep, I’m baring my resolutions to the world.
That way, it will be much more embarrassing if I neglect it.

So January 1st, 2013,
I will post my list and start working on being a better version of myself.

What are your ‘resolutions’ or goals or what have you?
Let’s get some feedback here.
I need inspiration.

-peace and love-