Pinterest win!

If you’re getting depressed because you keep screwing up your beautiful Pinterest ideas once you try them yourself, here’s one that won’t leave you sobbing & rocking in the corner!

A triceratops cake!

She gives great step-by-step fail proof instructions. I wound up making my vegan cake and frosting from scratch, but I’m sure whichever recipe you use will work with the decorating.

Head over here to make yours!

Easy Triceratops Dinosaur Birthday Cake Recipe

-peace & love-


Ten Things

Ten things about Spring that I like.

10. Dandelions
9. My hair grows faster
8. Planting stuff
7. Coffee & a breeze
6. Farmer’s Market
5. Baby animals
4. The smell after the rain
3. Seeing the flowers on trees bloom
2.Warmth & Sunshine
1. Being outside

Feel free to add to this list!
I’m sure there’s so much more.

-peace and love-



It’s one of those  late winter days where it seems colder in the house
Than it is outside.
I can’t get warm,
But I can sit in front of the fire
And drink a San Pellegrino.

Happy Saturday, enjoy a bubbly water today.

-peace and love-

Do you like hats?

I’m on a roll right now.
Probably because I’ve hit the pause button on customs
And I’m attempting to use up all the fabulous yarn that I’ve already got on hand!


Also, this pinkish color has always confused me. Is it salmon? Coral? Rose? Faded red? I am calling it octopus because I really don’t know, and octopi can be different shades of pink and yellow and whatever, right?


I’m SO THANKFUL that I have found my little spot with crocheting these beanies.
I don’t get tired of making hats,
I actually get excited to start a new color with each one,
And people still seem to like wearing them which warms my heart
And makes me smile.

I am excited for new things with spring around the corner too,
It always gives me an invigorating feeling
And inspires me with the opportunities that come along with
Actually leaving my cozy den and getting out and experiencing things again.

So keep on adventuring, people!
There are no limits to the things we are capable of discovering –
In nature, or or about ourselves –
And life is short, so make the most of it!

-peace and love-


When someone texts you back with:


Do you feel that,

A. They are upset with you

B. They must be texting and driving

C. It is a waste of text message, but who cares

D. It makes you happy, you love that letter.

Or something else?

I do not like getting this letter texted to me. Unless it’s with its friend O.


-peace and love-


Off On.

Some days, you just have to accept that things are off.
Everything is kind of weird and not going how you had hoped,
Usually ‘off’ days are followed closely by super duper uplifting ‘on’ days.
So there’s that to look forward to, right?

My little guy recently told me how to spell off and on.
I didn’t teach him this,
He knew what it meant from the switch by the light above his car-seat on the ceiling of the car,
And figured out the spelling on his own.

So there’s a little inspiration.
Just because you don’t know how to do something,
Doesn’t mean you have to wait around for someone to teach you.
Go ahead and try to figure it out yourself!
Probably except driving.
Let someone teach you that one.
And maybe a few other things where lives may be at stake.
But you know what I mean.

-peace and love-

Dainty centerpieces


Today I decided it was a perfect day to go through my craft things,
And I wound up putting these tiny little arrangements together.
The bottles were excavated by my husband while he was at work.
Thankfully he threw them in his truck and gave them to me!
They are so old and cool.







Most of these twigs and things are left from my wedding centerpieces so it’s kind of nice looking at them again.

-peace and love-

Bikes & Boys

I was at the Hob Lob yesterday, making my usual yarn rounds
And happened upon some great super soft fleece bicycle fabric
Along with a matching chevron
(Husband is a bicycle enthusiast)
So I decided that littlest dude needed a new baby blanket.
Then eldest dude insisted upon needing pajama pants.
This is what came of it!
Next time I will be using a pants pattern, however!
(And perhaps next time I won’t have to stand with a sleeping baby
in the Ergo-baby-carrier whilst using the sewing machine!)



And since my sewing machine was already out,
I upcycled a weird halloween raven shirt I had thrifted for a different project I never did
And made that into a fun little beanie.

birdhat2 birdhat3 birdhat4

So needless to say,
My house has fallen apart in the meantime!
But this was fun, so it all evens out.

-peace and love-