If you are the type who likes to freak yourself out
Whether it be on Halloween, or just an average Friday night,
This will take the cake:

Do a Google image search for “Black Hairy Tongue”

It’s a real life condition, and I accidentally stumbled upon it as a kid
And I still have yet to recover.
Grab your teddy bear and do it!
Do it now.

-peace and love- 

Tasty Morsel

I snagged a couple of drawings done by my talented husband.
He doodles on envelopes and the white-board on the fridge –
But this time it was on regular paper and I asked if I could have them.
So I scanned them in and did a little tweaking and colouring,
And here they are!
Gaze upon the work of the best artist ever.
(In my opinion!) 🙂
I love his style.

-peace and love-


I haven’t been on my computer much this past week or so.
I was thinking to myself,
“I don’t read books nearly as often as I used to”
And so I am trying to do this more and make it a habit
Therefore, computer time is lessened much.
Plus, I’m just kind of tired of it.
I’ve been doing cooler better things like writing music, sewing, reading ( I just said that )
Working out, going for walks and getting outside in general
(Thank God the weather is finally turning!!)
And hanging out with Walter which I always do anyway
But I thought I’d throw that in there.
He’s getting pretty good and sliding backwards on his tum and spinning around
It’s so cute.
I made pudding with rice milk.
It did NOT set well.
I’m throwing it out.
Don’t even attempt to do that ever.
My living room is so much more open now that I rearranged it
And I am glad!
My brother comes home in about a week (from Korea!)
That’s all I can think of.
I didn’t get much sleep last night so
(even though it’s only 9pm on old time, I have to get used to the new time.)

-peace and love-

Weekend project… #36

My computer is having a mental breakdown right now.
I can access some things but can’t get on the interweb
So I’m using my husmanbands computer
But all my photos are on MY computer
THANKFULLY I had uploaded some pictures from my scrapbooking project
Before my computer went on strike.
Here is a sample of what I’ve been working on.
It’s a birthday gift for my mother-in-law
A photo album of Walter’s life so far 🙂

I don’t scrapbook with cute paper and stuff very often.

(well I did it once on about 5 pages years and years ago and it took so long I went back to my trim picture/paste in book/write caption method.)

I think this started out a bit rough but toward the end I started getting more the hang of it I guess.

It’s still not my favourite thing to do, but I wanted to make something special for her to show of the grandboy! 🙂

Spring could not come soon enough!
-peace and love-

Camera Case – #35

I am probably more excited than I should be about laundry right now
Only because I’m attempting my first felting project EVER
And the washer is filling up with hot water
And perhaps shrinking the yarn a little AS I TYPE.
I crocheted a little camera bag today with some leftover wool yarn my mom gave me
Hopefully it will turn out, and serve to protect my camera
And not become so small that a mouse could use it for a sleeping bag.

Today was also my first experience with Jillian Michaels.
She kicked my butt.
I don’t know why, but I’ll probably visit with her tomorrow as well.

I had a nice little outing with W this afternoon,
We met up with my mom and got some Starbucks.
My baby loves him some Starbucks.

Ok so the case is complete.
Well I might embellish it a little with some embroidery
But the basic thing is done.
It didn’t turn as small as I had hoped,
And I even ran it through 2 cycles
But what do ya do.
It was my first try!

I love the button.
That’s why I have a super close picture of the button
Because I like that button
That’s how cool I think it is.
The button seems rather prehistoric.

I went to Starbucks twice today I think.
This evening I went to the library like a high-schooler
And met up with my friend Anne
Then we went to Starbucks and read over report cards for her kids.
I’m tired right now, but I want to look for some books in the library system
And see about reserving them. Cos I’m a dork. LALALA!

-peace and love-