Dream a Little Dream

A little song for Mother’s Day
That really doesn’t have anything to do with Mother’s Day
Except for the fact that I’m a mom
(still feels a bit weird saying that)
And I felt like playing this one so I did.
And Mother’s Day is all about doing whatever you want
Because it’s the hardest volunteer job in the world there will ever be.
So don’t forget to call your mom,
Or the person who takes the motherly role in your life
And tell ’em you couldn’t live without’ em!

-peace and love-

1.2.3. DOODLE

I asked husband if I could order a prezzie for myself.
He said “Of course! You hardly ever ask for anything.”
So I ordered this:

And I am excited!
I was reading an article on one of my favourite blogs, “a beautiful mess
And decided that this is the one I’ve been looking for.
I have this to look forward with next week.
Can’t wait to use it!
Anybody have an e-sketch pad thingie they use?
I’ve never used one so it will be interesting!
Hopefully make my life a little easier!

-peace and love-

Minnesota Love

I bought this on ETSY.COM!

The gift that you’re supposedly entitled to on your second year anniversary is something cotton, so I picked this cotton tote bag and I am eagerly waiting on it in the mail!
Yes, I have been married for two years now! Woo-hoo!

In case you didn’t know, I was born in Minnesota and I love Paul Bunyan!
So that is why I love this bag.
Plus the fact that it’s ridiculously adorable and whimsical.

-peace and love-