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  • Alone

    We used to be alone with our thoughts Sometimes. It was easy back then And now You really have to try. Do you want to remember? I think I do.

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  • Summer Break

    It’s a thingKind of made for kids I thinkBut also,Not unlike Hallmark holidays,I think it comes with expectations.I don’t like putting expectations on things.Probably because I’m old enough to know better.Better to go with the flowAnd adaptAnd enjoyAnd do what you canWith what you’ve gotAnd do your bestWith what you’ve not.It turns outThat when you […]

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  • April Showers

    Do you like the rain?It comes pouring downAnd I am fascinated with itAnd how it makes things grow and green.But at the same timeIt makes me tiredAnd the only thing I want to doIs watch the rain pour downAnd the unpredictable turns of the waterAs it rushes down the streetCarrying leaves and litter alongUntil they […]

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  • Cinnamon Cakes

    I’m pretty sureThat one of the best things for an officialSaturday MorningIs a cinnamon cake.Or a coffee cake.You really can call it whatever you want,As long as there is cinnamon And you must serve it to yourself warm.And with a hot beverage.And maybe read a book while eating it.Or listen to a motivational podcast.And nestle […]

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  • Why?

    How often do I actually stop And think- “Why am I doing what I’m doing?” I feel like that should be a valid question Every now and then. Even with small stuff, But especially with larger things. Why am I reading this book? Why am I choosing this route? Why am I procrastinating with ____? […]

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  • Perspective

    If you look at something upside-downYou can notice things that you didn’t notice beforeWhen you were looking at it right-side-up.You probably know that.Maybe when you were youngYou also walked around the house with a mirror under your nose,(I may have been prompted by Betsy, Tacy and Tib)And imagined yourself to be in another world-One where […]

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  • Hallways

    Hallways are a great source of thought.There is nothing you can doWhile walking down a veryVeryLong corridorExcept keep moving forward.I mean, there are various ways one can move- Walking,Rolling, Cartwheeling, Spinning…Most people decide to walk. I suppose because that is most acceptable And the most efficient use of one’s time,And probably the most energy efficient […]

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  • Clocks and Sounds

    Who needs an alarm clock When you’ve got a dog? They are used to a routine through the week, So the fact that it’s a weekend morning at 6 am Makes absolutely no difference to them. They will wake you up when you normally rise, And go outside, And you might wake up (if you […]

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  • Bookathon

    Last year I read a book.I mean, I pick up and start lots of books Through the course of one year. But finishing a book, Well. For me, that’s kind of a big deal. It’s funny because I used to read a lot I mean a LOT When I was a kid. But I guess […]

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  • It’s the Little Things

    People say that, you know.I think normally it’s impliedThat the “little things” give to us Those sparks of joy,Moments of wonderWhere you catch your breathAnd note an overwhelming sense of appreciation. Little things are greatAnd I like to take noteOf those things and enjoy themJust like anyone else.I also think little thingsCan bring you to […]

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