We used to be alone with our thoughts


It was easy back then

And now

You really have to try.

Do you want to remember?

I think I do.

Summer Break

It’s a thing
Kind of made for kids I think
But also,
Not unlike Hallmark holidays,
I think it comes with expectations.
I don’t like putting expectations on things.
Probably because I’m old enough to know better.
Better to go with the flow
And adapt
And enjoy
And do what you can
With what you’ve got
And do your best
With what you’ve not.
It turns out
That when you live,
You actually do learn
If you want.


April Showers

Do you like the rain?
It comes pouring down
And I am fascinated with it
And how it makes things grow and green.
But at the same time
It makes me tired
And the only thing I want to do
Is watch the rain pour down
And the unpredictable turns of the water
As it rushes down the street
Carrying leaves and litter along
Until they reach an obstacle
Where they will pile
Until the other forces of nature,
Or vehicles
Later displace them.
Also there was a massive exodus of worms
And they were blorping down the drive
And I had to hop around through them
Just to check the mailbox
Because I didn’t want to squish any.


Cinnamon Cakes

I’m pretty sure
That one of the best things for an official
Saturday Morning
Is a cinnamon cake.
Or a coffee cake.
You really can call it whatever you want,
As long as there is cinnamon
And you must serve it to yourself warm.
And with a hot beverage.
And maybe read a book while eating it.
Or listen to a motivational podcast.
And nestle back into a cozy blanket.
Tomorrow is Saturday,
And I intend to make one.
And then I shall dine upon it.
And attempt to include all of the sides I listed above.



How often do I actually stop

And think-

“Why am I doing what I’m doing?”

I feel like that should be a valid question

Every now and then.

Even with small stuff,

But especially with larger things.

Why am I reading this book?

Why am I choosing this route?

Why am I procrastinating with ____?

If I asked myself these things more often

Maybe I would get to know myself better

And have the confidence and conviction

That come from thinking something over first.

People complain about kids asking why so much

But maybe they are the ones who are actually on to something.

It’s a valid question worth giving some of our time.



If you look at something upside-down
You can notice things that you didn’t notice before
When you were looking at it right-side-up.
You probably know that.
Maybe when you were young
You also walked around the house with a mirror under your nose,
(I may have been prompted by Betsy, Tacy and Tib)
And imagined yourself to be in another world-
One where ceiling fans are on the floor,
And there’s basically no clutter anywhere
And stepping through a doorway requires a big jump.
Or maybe you liked hanging upside-down on monkey bars
Or doing flips and seeing the world rapidly change around you.
I wasn’t that kid,
But someone was.
It’s difficult for me to draw things upside-down
When I’m seeing them right side up.
Have you tried that?
I think it’s hard.



Hallways are a great source of thought.
There is nothing you can do
While walking down a very
Long corridor
Except keep moving forward.
I mean, there are various ways one can move-
Most people decide to walk.
I suppose because that is most acceptable
And the most efficient use of one’s time,
And probably the most energy efficient mode.
How efficient are we.
But WHILE you’re moving forward,
And especially if it’s a long long hallway,
You’re having all sorts of different thoughts
That I guarantee you wouldn’t be having
If you were simply walking in a regular room
Or a more open lengthy walkway.
There is something about that closed-in feeling.
It makes you think differently.
On a similar-but-not-completely-related note
I think I had my first notable claustrophobic experience
In a long hallway.
I vividly remember staring down that
Muted yellow, underground, cement hallway,
Walking within this herd of students
And feeling like it stretched on forever
And I might be stuck in there for an eternity,
Futilely trying to reach the end.
But guess what?
I made it to the other side of the school campus
And I’m still here today.
With lots of thoughts about hallways.
Also I guess stay off your phone
While you walk down a hallway
Because it might ruin your home-made thoughts.


Clocks and Sounds

Who needs an alarm clock
When you’ve got a dog?
They are used to a routine through the week,
So the fact that it’s a weekend morning at 6 am
Makes absolutely no difference to them.
They will wake you up when you normally rise,
And go outside,
And you might wake up
(if you went to bed at a sensible hour)
Feeling rather refreshed and ready to face the new day
Instead of wanting to force yourself back to sleep
For no other reason other than
“It’s The Weekend.”
When I was about 11 or so,
I had one of those vintage alarm clocks
With the little flippy tiles,
You know, like the one in Groundhog Day –
I liked the soft click it made each time a new number rolled over.
I don’t think they manufacture those much anymore
Probably because of the clicking
Or maybe because the tiles would sometimes stick
And then obviously the time wouldn’t be accurate,
Or maybe because Liquid Crystal Display took over –
But I think they should make a comeback.
Sometimes those lost vintage sounds are really satisfying.
What if you could no longer hear the turning of the page of a book,
The ticking of a clock,
(or the flipping of a clock tile)
The soft chatter of doorway beads,
The intense ring or angry hangup slam of a telephone,
The startling buzz of an actual door-bell,
The crackle of vinyl records,
The hot popping of a wood stove,
The snap/whip of laundry hanging outside on a windy day,
The dial-up internet connection song…
I don’t know about that one –
But I’m glad that some of these sounds are still around.


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Last year I read a book.
I mean,
I pick up and start lots of books
Through the course of one year.
But finishing a book,
For me, that’s kind of a big deal.
It’s funny because I used to read a lot
I mean a LOT
When I was a kid.
But I guess as I grew older,
And started raising guinea pigs,
And learned how to do more and more things,
My hobbies expanded.
The more skills you obtain,
I guess the more you have to organize
And prioritize your various activities.
But I really do enjoy reading.
This year,
I already have some books that I want to read
And if I get through all of them
Or one of them
For me,
That will also be a big deal.
I will celebrate for myself
By making a cinnamon cake.
Because I don’t think Pizza Hut
Will acknowledge my reading success
At this ripe old age.


It’s the Little Things

People say that, you know.
I think normally it’s implied
That the “little things” give to us
Those sparks of joy,
Moments of wonder
Where you catch your breath
And note an overwhelming sense of appreciation.
Little things are great
And I like to take note
Of those things and enjoy them
Just like anyone else.
I also think little things
Can bring you to the edge
Of feeling the opposite way as well.
Sometimes there is a big thing
That is underneath,
But then suddenly it’s a little thing
That will grip your chest
And fight for your peace
And will you into distraction
And disorient you
Because it might be the butterfly
That throws your world off-kilter.
But the good little things
Are more numerous.
Maybe they make up the gusts of wind
That carry the butterflies away
And bring in a new round of fresh air
As you drink it in and know.