Bikes & Boys

I was at the Hob Lob yesterday, making my usual yarn rounds
And happened upon some great super soft fleece bicycle fabric
Along with a matching chevron
(Husband is a bicycle enthusiast)
So I decided that littlest dude needed a new baby blanket.
Then eldest dude insisted upon needing pajama pants.
This is what came of it!
Next time I will be using a pants pattern, however!
(And perhaps next time I won’t have to stand with a sleeping baby
in the Ergo-baby-carrier whilst using the sewing machine!)



And since my sewing machine was already out,
I upcycled a weird halloween raven shirt I had thrifted for a different project I never did
And made that into a fun little beanie.

birdhat2 birdhat3 birdhat4

So needless to say,
My house has fallen apart in the meantime!
But this was fun, so it all evens out.

-peace and love-

Handmade Baby Changing System!

I had a few baby showers to attend last month
And so I decided to make something super useful for the lovely mamas-to-be!

They fit nicely in a diaper bag or even most regular sized purses.
What luck!






This next one was for my friend with a Peter Rabbit theme.
I couldn’t resist using my felt scraps to match it right in with her nursery!


peterrabbit2 (Sorry about your face, Peter…)


-peace and love-


Can you tell this used to be a dress shirt for a man?

Well, maybe…. but still!

What did I do, you ask?

Cut the sleeves off,
cut the collar off,
took the sides in,
added some mild darts,
elastic on the shoulders and in center of back,
created sleeve half-ruffles out of the original sleeves I removed,
added a patch of lace on the right front (in case the gun you’re shooting kicks back) 😛
and made a fluffle (fluffy ruffle) out of tulle for the upper half of the placket.

Modeling pose… 
Unassuming pose…

Fluffle details…

Back o’ shirt… Ponderous pose…

Lace action…

And there it is! 
I am happy with it. 🙂
What should I sew next?
-peace and love-

Sew Ladylike

Today I am fixing up an old shirt of Seth’s to be girlish and cute…
I’m not sure whether I will be turning it into a dress or having it remain shirt.
We will see.
I’m not skilled at this sort of thing, so it could be interesting!
Pictures will be up when I complete it!

-peace and love-