Pointless Animosity.

I drink black coffee and I like it.
As long as it’s good coffee.
Even if it’s just pretty decent coffee.
But here’s the thing.
(We all have our faults, do we not?)
I don’t crave chocolate,
I don’t smoke,
I don’t go out and buy myself new things very often…
I do like me some latte.
Like, not just espresso and steamed milk.
I like the really fancy frou frou drinks.
The drinks that you can practically have for a meal.
That is my major fault.
(Although I’m not apologizing, mind you.)
Like I said. We all have to have a small vice.
This is mine.

Another thing that bothers me is when people bash Starbucks.
If you refuse to support them based on an issue of affiliation or what have you,
That is up to you.
But don’t get down on them just because they are successful.
I have worked for many coffee shops in my day,
And while working for Starbucks,
I was treated with the utmost respect
And had good, affordable benefits and happy co-workers.
Happy employees is a really good sign.
And I think it’s poppycock when people refuse to go there because it’s a chain.
They’re obviously huge for a reason.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about supporting local businesses,
And with the number of lattes I go through in a month,
I have plenty of chances to go hither and thither with my coffee money
And support the little guy and the big guy alike.
But let’s be real here.
If I’m right by Starbucks and I want my ‘coffee’,
I’m going to get it there.
Plus they have a drive-thru.
If the babychild is sleeping in the back, or even just content in his car seat,
I will drive through so I don’t have to get him out and make him mad.
Honestly, if more of the locally owned coffeehouses would add a drive-thru
I would frequent them even more.
Here’s a snotty little picture I made to express my feelings.


Now if you’d really just like something to get upset about,
Focus your anger on the fact that people often say
Instead of

That. Is unforgivable.

-peace and love-
p.s. If you actually read all that, you should get an award.


I had a beautiful, beautiful Bruce Willis going on.
Unbeknownst to me,
My computer had gotten really warm and it
I hadn’t saved my work.
Not one bit.
Children, let this be a lesson.
Learn from my mistake.

Save. Save early, save repetitiously, save violently.
If you fail to save
You will become upset when something like this happens to you.

So no Bruce Willis tonight.
And it’s much too late to begin again.
Here is a gnome instead, done by Husband.

-peace and love-

Humankind, what is happening.

Today I went to the grocery store.
“Totally boring”, you’re thinking.
Well, you’re mostly right.
It isn’t that exciting.
But it shouldn’t upset you either.
I am concerned about old people.
Not only am I concerned when I see an elderly lady or gentleman driving gaily about in their cars with no apparent awareness that there might be another car or two on the road,
But now, they’ve started treating younger people crappy.
TODAY for instance.


Mind you, I am an extremely polite person when I am addressing an older person, ESPECIALLY.
I did nothing to warrant this reaction.
I  realize things like this happen.
Maybe she was having a bad day, maybe she’s in pain… troubled for some reason… I GET that.
But this was no isolated incident.
As I went on my way, trying to avoid this woman as well as I could given the fact that seemed to be appearing in every aisle I needed to be in,
Adequately blocking each and every one as she went,
Because you HAVE to be smack dab in the middle to find what you’re looking for,
I actually encountered about 5 more cases of angry geriatrics.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be glared at.
I promise there was nothing even remotely offensive about my appearance,
And the babychild was actually being happy and cute.
So I’m at a loss.
Why are old people becoming so mean?
Granted, there are also a lot of very nice old people
But when you encounter a crew such as I did today,
It really seems to magnify the problem.

Here ends my rant.
Don’t become like them.
And if I start to, slap me.
Happy shopping!

-peace and love-

Who are you?

Some of the things that matter to people
Or at least things they get worked up over
Just confuse me.
Why waste any energy on something so irrelevant
And insignificant in the grand scheme of things?
I guess
I will never understand.

I want to be someone who listens without judging
Loves freely without prerequisites
Is known to be consistent and honest
And whose words are never damaging.

Hmmm… that might have to go on a pillow.
But it’s true.

-peace and love-


Amazing Artist Painter Lady

I saw a woman while I was out Christmas shopping last December.
She had paint on her coat.
And paint on her purse.
I mean, anybody can be working on painting their house
And maybe they have to run out for something,
Or maybe it just hasn’t scrubbed off yet…


This was different.
The spots were all different colours,
And it wasn’t just a little accidental
“Oopsie daisy, I still have paint on my hands and I touched my purse … and coat… and jeans…”
And she didn’t have any paint on her hands or anything…
PLUS she was Christmas shopping!!

So I started judging her, thinking
“This joker probably wants everyone to think she’s an artist
So she purposely gets paint on her stuff
So people will stop and admire how incredibly artistic she is.”

I mean really, who wipes paint on their purse while they are working on a painting?
The coat, I could mayyyybe understand but…

Now you know what a jerk I truly am.

-peace and love-


Don’t EVER drink this stuff.

It tastes AND SMELLS like body odor… or a basement… or both combined.
If you ask me, the picture is very deceiving.
It looks as if it would taste really good!

Oh well.
I only wasted 79 cents on it.

-peace and love-


I wish there were comment boxes on Craigslist so I could tell people why their stuff is definitely not going to sell.
“Good luck asking for $60 for this product when I can go to the store and buy it NEW for $60.”
“No picture, no sale”
“$1? For a pair of kid’s shoes you probably got at a yard sale for $.50? Really? Is it worth it?”

I could go on but you get the idea.

In other news,
I am pretty sure my allergies are sucking it up right now.
I am going to have a cookie dough malt from Whitey’s in approximately 2 months, give or take.

I am also very excited for FRIDAYS because my friend Anne and I are going to hit up yard sales this summer on Friday. Ohhhh yeah!

-peace and love-