My Human Hat Model

Even though this was right before his nap,
He was all in for doing a quick beanie shoot for me.

These are adult hats,
But for a 4 year old, his nog is pretty large
So he’s not totally swimming in them
And I think he looks like a cute little hipster boy.
The painting he’s in front of is by Eric Wolever

-peace and love-









Selfie-safe-iphone/ipod case : A DIY tutorial.


  • Precision cutting tool
  • Cutting board
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • A length of ribbon
  • A flexible iPod case that you don’t care if you cut into.



1. Use the knife to cut two slits in the case that are a smidgen wider than the ribbon you chose.


2. Fit two pieces of ribbon through the slits (Make sure they will comfortably but securely fit your fingers!)




3. Use the hot-glue-gun to secure both flaps down on the inside of the case.




Now you are done!




Look ma! No grip!






-peace and love-

Wishing on a Lantern

My friend Bettina turned 30 yesterday
And her birthday party was so super.
They found a wish lantern at the grocery store
And we went to the river to help see it off.
It was so cute and special that I figured I would slap a few pictures on here.

Lighting of the Lantern
Making her Wish
Letting Go

I know, now you want to go buy one and do this yourself.
What’s stopping you?

-peace and love-

God bless the indian summer

I am really loving this second wind of nice weather before the coldness of the season sets in.


I am scared of my basement right now.
It’s too scary to go down there and work in it.
The best I can do is run down and do some laundry and run right back.
I think this means I need to clean up my studio.
WHICH I am going to have to do anyway … tis the season.
I’m going to be mainly making handmade gifts for people this year instead of buying them.
Nobody really needs anything anymore,
Not in this country anyway.

So since I have been putting all that off,
here are some pictures of the nice indian summerness Dubs & I have been enjoying.

Daddy lubs Baby

The green grass grew all around all around and the green grass grew all around…

Spidey eating fly

Shoe-less footses

-peace and love-

Striving for Excellence

Do you ever wish you could just be a MASTER at like EVERYTHING?
I do.
Pretty much every day.
Here are my current top five:

5. Cooking
4. Sewing
3. Photography
2. Piano
1. Spanish

I try to get better at things by just doing them, but sometimes when the results don’t live up to my hopes, I get a bit bummed out.

However… I just watched part of Finding Nemo on TV with Li’l Dub the other day,
And so I will remember to say with confidence
“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”

And here is a picture that I took today.

S’mores anyone?

-peace and love-


I love Springtime!
It means that winter is finally over.
Today was pretty nice.
I went to a new restaurant called “Seeds” with my friends in the babyboyclub.
It’s not really a club, but we all have cute baby boys so it basically is.
The food was really fresh and good
PLUS they have baby food for the young-uns. Bonus!
Check it out!

In other news, if you don’t have one of these

You should get one. 
I just made some guacamole yesterday and it’s so much easier with one of these!
It was good, and now it is gone. 
Now I need more guacamole and chips!
I have been working on some leather bracelets for HMC2
Pictures tomorrow? 
So husband and I took W for a little stroll since it was warm enough
And there were some blossoms here and there and general springtime goodness
And I took some pictures! 
Magnolia tree in bloom! SO lovely!
I thought this was a crocus, and I was right!

Hocus Pocus it’s a crocus

Magnolia in the sunlight

Walking – it was pretty windy


Husband and Baby ❤

He’s waving! (not really but it looks like it!)

That’s about it for now…
I have lots of cleaning to do tomorrow
So that should be fun.
Including but not limited to 12 or so baskets of laundry! 
No joke!
It piles up quickly.
-peace and love-