Wisdom From the Aged

A while ago I was reading Whole Living
And came across some little interviews with elderly women
Who were sharing their perspectives on life and whatnot.
This one stood out to me, so I tore the page out and saved it forever.
Finally, I got around to scanning it in so I could share it.
I couldn’t find it online anywhere, although I’m sure it’s floating around somewhere in cyber-space…
The point is, she is 100 and I love what she has to say.
Especially (obviously) the part I drew crazy lines around and underlined.
It’s so true.

Read and ponder.



-peace and love-

Fox Mulder ::: Happy Labor Day

Ok, so his real name is David Duchovny,
But after watching so many X-Files episodes,
It’s really hard to think of him as a real life guy.
If you weren’t aware, all 9 seasons are ‘Watch Instantly’ on Netflix.
Now you’ve got some work cut out for you.
(If you missed the Gillian Anderson drawing, you can click here to see it)
I spent the baby’s nap-time today at Starbucks drawing this one.
And sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Never mind that it’s atrociously hot for September.
September means ‘Fall’ to me,
And I’m going to have as many Pumpkin Spice lattes as I can, regardless of the weather.

…Oh and Daddy was home with baby so it’s ok that I left for a bit 🙂

Hope everyone had a splendid Labor Day and got to go to a parade or grill out or something!

So I’m supposed to believe that…



Here’s to all you Dana Scully fans.
I’m still watching The X-Files chronologically.
It takes a while when there are over 200 episodes…
Not looking forward to next season when Doggett enters the scene…


I’m a crazy person.
Time to sleep.

-peace and love-


Watson, my dear Watson.

So this time around,
It was really difficult,
And I’m not sure why.
Still, something is not quite right.
I mean,
It seems like she’s got a pretty uncomplicated face.
Perhaps because it’s so darn perfect.
She’s also pretty much the only girl that can pull off this haircut
And still look beautiful,
So don’t go trying it just because she got away with it.
You will most likely be disappointed.

Also, if you like music,
Here is a shameless plug for myself.
I recorded this song today in my basement.


-peace and love-

Why, Heath, Why?

Everyone loved you,
And your beautiful face
And exceptional talents.
So that was sad.

Did this one a little quicker tonight.
I DO need to sleep once in a while, believe it or not.
Heath Ledger was my top favourite actor.
I was legitimately upset when I was working at Starbucks one morning and discovered his death in the news.
Yes, I remember where I was when I found out 😦

Those darn Olsen twins.
I guess we may never really know what happened there…

-peace and love-

Today, today.

Would you like to know how big of a dork I am?
Too bad. I’m divulging anyhow.
I decided to go with Audrey Tautou today,
Because she is cute and beautiful and everyone loves her, right?
I sort of listened to the Amelie soundtrack on Spotify whilst I drew her.
Is that dorky?
Maybe normal people do that.
Who knows.
We don’t’ talk about those kinds of things.
That’s more what the internet is for, yeah?


-peace and love-

Bill. Murray.

Another day, another drawing.
Maybe I can make a habit of this?

So… Bill Murray has been in my top 3 for favourite actors since I began appreciating things like that.
(Via What About Bob & Groundhog Day)
He’s one of those guys who, I bet in real life, is hilarious and can’t really even help it.
Here’s a sad fact: I haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, and I really want to.
So feel sorry for me.
Without further ado,
Here is my doodle.


If you haven’t seen Zombieland, he has a really great part in that movie too!
Short-lived, but great nonetheless.

I’m boring and tired right now.
But comment if you feel like it!
I will read it on the morrow and be filled with mirth.
Good night!

-peace and love-

Are you that kid from Crocodile Tears?

It’s no secret,
Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of my  favourite actors,
And I love his character in Along Came Polly, Sandy Lyle.
SO funny.

Here’s a little doodle I just did of him because I thought with his fair features he’d be an interesting one to sketch.


I’m not quite certain if I should be done with it or add a little bit more.
Now I want to watch that movie.
You  go watch it for me. I have to go party somewhere.

-peace and love-