I do not like to have chapped hands.
I need to invest in some sandwich making gloves for when I intend to use harsh chemicals to clean heavily soiled articles.
If you saw my face, you might say, “Oh maybe she’s 23”
But if you only saw my hands your guess would be 73.
I’ll spare you a photograph.

Oh I added music-ular files on my facebook page so it’s even EASIER to listen to my tunes.

Also I move my keyboard around a lot, but it is finally back in a good place.
We’re in a good place.
I sense some new song recordings in the next few weeks.

-peace and love-

HMC3 & musics

My goodness has it ever been a long time since updation!
Here I am, now!
Today was the THIRD Handmade City craft event.
It was great – lots of people came out, even though it was raining,
And that was super.
It’s always wonderful and inspiring to see what everyone else is creating-
SO many cool things… wish  could have bought one of each.

The thing I was most excited about was my new CD I put together.
For those who were unable to make it out,
Here is my latest recording which is on the compact disc. One by LeahLeah

Well that’s all for now –
I have a lot of work cut out for me in the coming week!
(Cleaning the house after a week of absolute NEGLECT, and becoming a good wife again and actually making dinners and getting adequate sleep for my wellness and happiness 🙂 )

I’m thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and trying to decide weather I want to attempt anything this year or not…

What are your ideas?

I almost forgot! Here’s the other song… speaking of new year… Auld Lang Syne by LeahLeah

One thing I’m excited about for 2012 is the band that is coming together with my husband, brother, and a few friends. I love bandmatehood. There is really nothing like it.

-peace and love-

Yesterday I didn’t do a whole lot besides record music.
Today I have much loftier goals.
They are far more boring, but they get more accomplished for the whole family!

So that is what I am going to do.

As far as music IS concerned, I have just started recording a cover song that I absolutely love, and it’s going to be really really hard to get it how I want it.
Sometimes I wonder why I bite off these projects…?
But maybe it’s the challenge that makes me like it.
Anyway. I’m not going to spoil the fun by revealing what it is. 🙂
You’ll just have to sit and wonder until it appears and then you’ll just know!
Ok, here’s a hint – It was written in 1941.

-peace and love-

Music Update

I haven’t updated the bloggyblog lately, because I have been scheming up a new plan.

First I was thinking

“I’ll record one new song every day for my 365 project”

But then reality told me

“No, you should record SOME every day, and make as many songs as you can, but don’t set your goal so high or you won’t be able to keep up with it”

So I listened to reality this time, and I have done well so far 🙂

I can’t remember which day I started, but it’s been over a week now, and I’m feeling good!

GO HERE because I’m still too scared to try and put music on here since last time I tried that it crashed the blog for like a week.

My only stipulation is that each song has to be a least one minute long.
That is it!

Now go hear it.

 workin the microkorg

-peace and love-

Let’s Get You Out

New song y’all…  <–click to hear

If you like it, share it! Thanks!
Here are the lyrics:
What just happened here? I have to know.
How did this go on right under my nose?
Can you pick yourself up, or are you broken in two?
I will always be here for you – hope you know that.
I can’t make things happen, but I can help them not.
I can’t fix things up, but I know how to sew…
So lean on me my friend and let’s go
Let’s get you out 
Get you out
Get you out
Get you out of here.

-peace and love-


I’ve been bitten by the wanderlust ants again, it seems.
Maybe it’s time for a family vacation?
Or maybe I need to satiate the desire with a day trip for now.
That might work.

In other news,

I don’t have a regular keyboard yet, but my little micro-korg is back in my possession and I am excited for this. 🙂
-peace and love-

New Song!

Has anyone yet noticed the irony of this offical website title
And how there is actually no music on the website?
Well I have.
And it’s annoying.
But when I tried to embed a song on here once,
The whole blog shut down for a few days and I went,
“Whoah oh no what the heck”
And then it got fixed
But I have since been too scared to try anything daring like that
So until either
A. I become more savvy with these newfangled contraptions or
B. Someone decides to fix my blogger up all fancy adding musical options or something

I will link you to somewhere else for the musical part of the website.

Thank you.

*disclaimer – before you go listen to the new song called “Here”, you must know that it is a very imperfect recording, and I was getting over a cold when I recorded the vocals so forgive me… but I am getting to the point where I just needed to put SOMETHING out there, so here you go for now. I will not put a crappy recording like this on a cd though. I promise.  Ok now you can listen.

All for now!

What I did today.
Shout-out to my babyboy for taking a nap so I could
get things done. This doesn’t look very comfortable, does it?

-peace and love-