Swallowed in the Sea, by Coldplay.
Every time I listen to this song
I feel.

I wonder if everyone has at least one song that makes them feel something indescribable.
None of the words I try to use to describe the way this song makes me feel seem to do it justice.

So find your song, and you’ll know what I mean.
Also, good job, Coldplay.

-peace and love-



Sometimes I talk about things.
Lately, for the past year or so maybe, I’ve been talking about wanting to play violin.
I like to dabble with instruments, you know.
So this really nice guy at church offered me a violin that he’d won on eBay in a lot with other instruments.
Of COURSE I said yes.
Today I bought some rosin for the strings, and now I can play it!
So today I played violin,
And I recorded this little ditty.
Please don’t judge too harshly,
It’s my first day!


-peace and love-