The second time is a charm too, right?
I tried a few years ago to do dreadies but I didn’t spend enough time putting them in
And my hair wasn’t quite as long as I would have liked to start with.
I did some other things, grew it out, cut it short, colored it and what have you,
But I really REALLY don’t like constant hairdo maintenance and realized that every time I grow it long,
I end up slapping it up in a bun and then I feel boring.
I decided to hop back on the train and try this once again.
I really just love the style of locks,
And the fact that I DON’T HAVE TO BRUSH MY HAIR!

So there you have it, kids.


peace and love-

Half and Half

If you’ve ever struggled with growing out your hair,
Or trying to work up the nerve to cut it short,
Perhaps you should simultaneously do both!
I probably won’t but you can.
Project Runway’s Anya did it,
And she totally pulled it off with her adorable little face.
Here is a little Anya-inspired doodle I fingerpainted with this new android tablet
The program is called sketchbook I think….
And it’s FREE!


-peace and love –

Watson, my dear Watson.

So this time around,
It was really difficult,
And I’m not sure why.
Still, something is not quite right.
I mean,
It seems like she’s got a pretty uncomplicated face.
Perhaps because it’s so darn perfect.
She’s also pretty much the only girl that can pull off this haircut
And still look beautiful,
So don’t go trying it just because she got away with it.
You will most likely be disappointed.

Also, if you like music,
Here is a shameless plug for myself.
I recorded this song today in my basement.


-peace and love-

Pompadour and Circumstance.

In a valiant effort not to cut my hair,
I have been going to places I normally don’t go.

Like a pompadour.
Preceded by sponge rollers.

I even took a picture of myself trying to look cool and nonchalant.

But then…

Out of nowhere…

I got punched in the face by my blatant accessorization.
And that’s not even a word.
So you can imagine my surprise.
The moral of this little story is:
A.  It’s hard to be serious when you’re taking pictures of yourself and

B.  Growing your hair out may lead to the unexpected.

(SIDE NOTE:  Also, today I stumbled upon a petting zoo that was randomly happening behind the library and pet the following: an alpaca, pot-belly pig, chicken, giant rabbit, goat, sheep, donkey, cow, and probably rested my hand in a pile of urine-soaked wood chips without knowing it.
WHICH, IN TURN, proves that what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you.)

C.  Don’t be afraid to do something different with your hair, it may lead you straight to a petting zoo.

One more thing; Betty Grable’s pompadour here is just fanTASTIC.
(found this image on Wikipedia. )

40’s pompadour

-peace and love-

Friday = weekendstart.

I have an official ad for my music on a blog!
I feel so super incredibly special,
Especially since her art is really sweet.
She even made me look cool. HA!
Check it!
In other news,
My brother’s band is playing their first show tomorrow night
They’ll be performing a few songs that I wrote
SO that will be fun to observe!
I tried my hand at screen-printing T-shirts today
And there were things I liked about it
And things I didn’t like
But all in all,
They turned out pretty okay.
See for yourself.

There are many colours and styles,
Because the shirts are all upcycled!

In yet OTHER news
I finally have Spotify.
Who knows how to use it
But eventually I’ll get the hang of it.
I usually do when it comes to these things.
I like “EET” a lot by Regina Spektor.
It has such a nice melody to it.

I made lots of links in this post. I wonder if they will work?

So that is that
And this is this

OH also.
I found a way to wear my hair while I grow it out that I don’t hate.
I just pin up the mullety business going on in the back
And shwoop the top around until satisfactory
Give it a few squirts of hair-spray
Or some kind of ploppy products and
Hair that I hopefully will stop cutting for a while!

-peace and love-

More Feathers

Have you ever seen the movie “Four Feathers”?
It wasn’t that great, but Heath Ledger was in it,
So I rented it,
And I liked it.



The real point of this post, is the new thing I made! YAY!

It may be too crazy for some people, 
But it will be perfect for somebody.
And that makes me glad!
It can be found for sale at my Etsy shop
What a great time of year to make things.
if you haven’t made anything yet this fall,
You probably should. 
It will make you feel like a million bucks.
-peace and love-

Burlap Burlap Burlap

I may or may not have a thing for burlap.
The fresh fall air seems to bring out a possible obsession even more.
I just think there are so many things you can do with such a plain, earthy, textured fabric like burlap.
The decorative bows are something that I’ve been doing,
But yesterday I made some little hair accessories with burlap,
And I’m rather pleased with how they turned out.
I put them up on Etsy,
So I guess we’ll see if other people like them too!
Take a gander:

I think this one is my favourite.
It would look better probably in darker or lighter hair to create more contrast. 

This one I like too, but it’s not quite as boisterous as the first one. I do like the black & white though.

Fun fun fun fun wear it on a Friday for the weeeeeeeekennnnnnnd!

I still have yet to sew another garment…
All in good time, my friends. All in good time. 🙂
-peace and love-

In memory of: my dreadlocks

Today I miss my little dreadies that I had.
My hair has been super blah and boring lately,
And I really had fun styling it when it was dreadlocked.
OHHH well.
I will probably do it again sometime, and do a better job of it.
(Maybe when the baby is older [more independent] and my hair is longer!?)
I don’t have much for photos
But I took a few one day
And here they are.

-peace and love-