2 Little Cantaloupes

The stinkin’ deer and groundhogs devoured all the cantaloupe except for two.
They had a rough time growing and because of the yard varmints,
We decided to pick the last two before they were eaten as well.
Cantaloupe is so pretty.
To be honest though, these didn’t taste the greatest.
Oh well!


(I don’t have a monster sized hand, so you can see how very dainty these melons are indeed)

Maybe we’ll have better luck next year in the garden!

-peace and love-



First drawing on my new toy!
A Wacom Bamboo.



Such fun to use!

This is how my garden grows.

And the herbs…


A sad bit of lettuce.


Grapes are always better looking with a baby running behind…

My little helper 🙂


This week has been weird.
I want to delete facebook (I KNOW, I KNOW… AGAIN)
But at the same time I don’t.
I just need to make up my mind and do it or not do it.

That’s about all I have to say about that.

-peace and love-


Humid weather
Makes baby’s hair curly.
I took a few pictures of him
Because he was tired and looked cute.

After a brief stint at the Farmers Market
Li’l Dub started rubbing his eyes in the car,
Which must have gotten sunscreen into them,
Because then he started wailing.
So we stopped for coffee, water, and a fritter,
Played with the magna-doodle,
And soon all was well again.
Can I just say that I am so stoked that our community is able to support the local farmers with such gusto?
It was HOPPING today, and I wasn’t even there super early.
I am very happy about this.
And also slightly confused as to why we don’t have a Trader Joe’s yet.
I digress.
Farmers market = thriving.
This is a good thing.
So we got home and I added the dill and peppermint that I’d just purchased to my herb garden
And thinned out my spinach
While W scooped dirt out of it and dumped it onto the tomato plants.
I’ll have to take some updated pictures of el jardin soon.
It’s looking pretty adorable.


-peace and love-

Saling, saling…

I don’t usually stop at yard sales.
I’m one of those annoying people who typically creeps by slowly,
Glances pretentiously around the yard,
And upon seeing nothing worthy, drives off.

Ok I’m not actually a snobby jerk, but you know what I’m saying.
The yard full of primary coloured plastic toys and worn out sporting equipment just doesn’t appeal to me.


Today I hit the jackpot.

A big box of cloth diapers AND

a couple pairs of babyGap skinny jeans!
I could have blown all the cash I had there on cute baby girl clothes for my pretend niece,
But I held myself back.
Since my bestbest is expecting a baby boy now too,
This multitude of diapers is hopefully really going to be useful. 




Also in other news,
This delicious-looking salad was created from stuff in my  yard.
Remember that little garden I talked about planting?
Some of the veggies are finally mature enough to eat!
Yum yum


My little buddy is a total  goofball.

-peace and love-


Like most people who aren’t vampires or allergic to the sun,
I am not a huge fan of cold rainy days.
So the past week has been rather annoying.
The few things I planted have actually begun to sprout!
I took pictures to prove it.
I am notorious for ruining the life of any plant that I so much as glance at,
So this is a big deal for me.

Here begins our tour.
This is swiss chard.
I’m not sure what I’ll do with it once it matures,
But we had seeds and I stuck them in the ground.
My mom juices it. I’ll give her some.


Next we have here cute little spinach.
I actually like spinach a lot and will eat it if it actually grows up.


And these are radish sproutlings.
They need to be thinned out
It looks like they will be easy to grow at this point
But who knows with me…

These are my big herbs that I bought that way.
They inspired me to build the herb garden
And plant some new vegetables this year just to see what happens.
They were like,
“HEY what have you got to lose?”
And I said “$5.oo”
And they looked at me and said nothing.
I hung my head in shame.
It’s almost $5 for a tiny package of basil leaves at the grocery store
And here I wasn’t even willing to shell out the same for an ENTIRE PLANT?
Parsley and basil.
Basil got munched on by some dumb bugs or something
But hopefully will recover.
Otherwise I’m going back to Lowe’s for a replacement.


Ahh last but not least.
Here is a picture of the pallet-herb-garden.
So far so good.


And that is that.
Now the sun can come out.

-peace and love-

Today was so weird!
But the weather was beautiful
And I built an herb garden in my normal garden with my Pops-in-Law
It is going to be awesome.
I will take a picture of it and probably brag about it on here later.
I can’t wait until my little planties start appearing in our dinners.

As I was ’tilling up the land’
I couldn’t help but think of
“She thinks my tractor’s sexy”
And I kept singing it.
Oh my.

-peace and love-