Do you like hats?

I’m on a roll right now.
Probably because I’ve hit the pause button on customs
And I’m attempting to use up all the fabulous yarn that I’ve already got on hand!


Also, this pinkish color has always confused me. Is it salmon? Coral? Rose? Faded red? I am calling it octopus because I really don’t know, and octopi can be different shades of pink and yellow and whatever, right?


I’m SO THANKFUL that I have found my little spot with crocheting these beanies.
I don’t get tired of making hats,
I actually get excited to start a new color with each one,
And people still seem to like wearing them which warms my heart
And makes me smile.

I am excited for new things with spring around the corner too,
It always gives me an invigorating feeling
And inspires me with the opportunities that come along with
Actually leaving my cozy den and getting out and experiencing things again.

So keep on adventuring, people!
There are no limits to the things we are capable of discovering –
In nature, or or about ourselves –
And life is short, so make the most of it!

-peace and love-

My Human Hat Model

Even though this was right before his nap,
He was all in for doing a quick beanie shoot for me.

These are adult hats,
But for a 4 year old, his nog is pretty large
So he’s not totally swimming in them
And I think he looks like a cute little hipster boy.
The painting he’s in front of is by Eric Wolever

-peace and love-








Baking Soda Hair – & projects 43, 44, & 45

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to forfeit shampoo.
Well, I went back to it.
Now after reading multiple articles that I stumbled upon
(it must have been a sign!)
I am trying to go poo-free again.
Replacing it with : a baking soda wash.
I mixed a teaspoon of the stuff with a cup of water,
And poured it on my head and scruffed it around.
It was definitely not as satisfying as a normal shampoo,
But I have read that it is much better for natural oil production of the scalp.
What shampoo does is
A. Strip your hair of natural oils, causing your scalp to overproduce to make up for it
B. Makes you shampoo your hair more often than otherwise necessary because of the oil build up and
C. Thus makes you buy more shampoo.
The moral of the story, it’s probably just a marketing scheme.
I mean look at the ingredients on the bottle! Who knows what all that junk is!
Lately my eyes have been opened to ingredients and how gross some of the stuff we use on our bodies and put into our bodies unknowlingly is.
Obviously some of it’s just too good to care about,
But shampoo is not one of these for me. At least not right now.

Here is a photo I took yesterday of my baking soda hair.

It feels a little grungy, but I have to be patient and wait for my scalp to regulate it’s oil production, or so I’ve read. So I will wait.

Oh and I did something to my hair. But I will post pictures of that at a later time.

Here are my projects from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!
I may end up doing a post tonight, but probably not.
My brother is home from Korea
(after over a year of being gone, teaching over there!)
And we are probably going to be too busy having fun and doing art for me to want to make a double post today. But.
Never say never.
At least that’s what they say.

MONDAY : two tone slouchy hat!

TUESDAY: A card for my cousin’s baby shower… took this photo with my cell phone, 
That’s why it’s so incredibly sucky.

WEDNESDAY: a onesie for my cousin’s baby shower. I handpainted an ipod nano with Dave Matthews Band on it, because that is her favourite band. (so obviously it will also be the baby’s favourite band 🙂  ) I have to block her temporarily from my facebook now so she won’t accidentally stumble upon this blog entry and spoil the gift surprise!
That is all for now.
-peace and love

Red Hat #41

Today was Sunday
But totally felt like Saturday somehow..
It’s weird how days can ‘feel’ a certain way.
Anywho, here is my red hat.

Ho hum.

Yesterday I actually got the studi-oh cleaned up
It is RIDICULOUS how easy that room gets messed up.
I am looking forward to a week of crafting success now 🙂



-peace and love-

Blue Hat # 34?

Here is a blue hat I finished today.

I had started some projects,
Gotten sick,
W got sick,
And so I got really behind on my thing-a-day stuffmaking!
I’m going to brush off and keep forging ahead.
Some days I have made multiple things anyway,
So it probably evens out right? 😉

Tomorrow I will be working on a special birthday gift for my mother-in-law
I’m not sure if I should post pictures of it or not
Because she might see it?

The bread I made earlier turned out good!
The chocolate chips mostly melted into the bread
And it was soft and warm and delish.

Also I am going to try to quit using real shampoo.
I used a baking soda mixture today
And my hair feels weird
But I think it might take a few times to get all that shampoo gunk out.

That is all for now.

-peace and love-

a hat like that

This hat is for somebody!
It’s sparkly and girlish and I hope they love it.

I am making chocolate chip bread right now,
Which I can’t wait to try,
And I’m going to set up my recording stuff once again
Here it comes.

-peace and love-