Dingleballs. Sequins. Padiddle.

It has been quite some time since a post!
Want to know why?
Well, I discovered I had access to Downton Abbey season 2.
So I watched all of them in one week with my spare evening time.
What else happened?
A bunch of things and it’s been busy.
But I miss drawing.
“Mulder and Scully” are next.

So today I made a lantern.
It’s a lantern with no light in it, at least not right now.
But it could in the future.
Which is kind of like a headlight with no bulb.
Which is a padiddle.
And my car is definitely in that category right now,
I realized,
As I sat in the bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to cross the bridge after dinner in Iowa
And jamming out to the crappy tunes on the radio with the 2-year-old-past-his-bedtime
WHO, for being in that state, was actually in a great mood and didn’t cry at all as we sat and sat and sat.
All that to say,
I noticed my headlight was out.
Oh well!


-peace and love-



Friday = weekendstart.

I have an official ad for my music on a blog!
I feel so super incredibly special,
Especially since her art is really sweet.
She even made me look cool. HA!
Check it!
In other news,
My brother’s band is playing their first show tomorrow night
They’ll be performing a few songs that I wrote
SO that will be fun to observe!
I tried my hand at screen-printing T-shirts today
And there were things I liked about it
And things I didn’t like
But all in all,
They turned out pretty okay.
See for yourself.

There are many colours and styles,
Because the shirts are all upcycled!

In yet OTHER news
I finally have Spotify.
Who knows how to use it
But eventually I’ll get the hang of it.
I usually do when it comes to these things.
I like “EET” a lot by Regina Spektor.
It has such a nice melody to it.

I made lots of links in this post. I wonder if they will work?

So that is that
And this is this

OH also.
I found a way to wear my hair while I grow it out that I don’t hate.
I just pin up the mullety business going on in the back
And shwoop the top around until satisfactory
Give it a few squirts of hair-spray
Or some kind of ploppy products and
Hair that I hopefully will stop cutting for a while!

-peace and love-


I made these anchor earrings yesterday out of clay.
Husband made fun of me because they are so long
I wore them anyway.
Chain can always be shortened.
Next pair I make will probably not be QUITE as long as these.
I still like them though!

And here is my glamour shot.


Well, I DID just cut my hair a few days ago… again.
NOW I’m going to start growing it back out… probably…

-peace and love-

Weekly Menu

Inspired by this DIY menu planning board that I discovered on Pinterest,
I decided to put my own spin on it and simplify it for my own impatience.

The idea is that you write the meal titles (example: “baked mac & cheese”) on the front of the cards
And list the ingredients you need to use on the back of the card.
That way, you choose your meals for the week,
Flip all the cards over ,
Write your grocery list down,
Go shopping,
Buy everything,
And you’re all set to make some good home-cooked meals for the week!

It’s the simplest ‘menu planning’ idea I’ve seen yet
Which is probably why I’m so attracted to it.


I ended up making two of these cute little dealies with some scrapbook paper I had on hand and tiny clothespins. Also I did some sewing on the paper and used rubber stamps to do lettering. And a hot-glue-gun. That was it! Simple!

Now I have NO EXCUSE for cooking meals..

-peace and love-


I busted out my decade-old-clay yesterday and had a blast while the bebe napped!

I made these two little dudes:

These bearded fellas, and some of their friends who have yet to be born, will be joining me at Handmade City this holiday season! 
I also made some simple fun little colourful earrings, some ornaments, and pendants! 
Did I mention I’m making Christmas gifts this year? WELL! I’m really doing it!
Today was rainy to begin with,
But later, got nice and sunny and breezy so it was too nice to be inside.
W & I went to the library and found him some different books,
I got some sewing books (with patterns inside! Yippeeee!) for me,
We stopped by a friend’s house for a few minutes,
Then we went downtown and went on a brisk walk with auntie Ashley & friend Siobhan.
Pushing a jogging stroller up a steep hill for three blocks got my pump-station workin’!
I ate a cough drop and now my teeth feel gross.
Time to brush.
-peace and love-

More Feathers

Have you ever seen the movie “Four Feathers”?
It wasn’t that great, but Heath Ledger was in it,
So I rented it,
And I liked it.



The real point of this post, is the new thing I made! YAY!

It may be too crazy for some people, 
But it will be perfect for somebody.
And that makes me glad!
It can be found for sale at my Etsy shop
What a great time of year to make things.
if you haven’t made anything yet this fall,
You probably should. 
It will make you feel like a million bucks.
-peace and love-

Burlap Burlap Burlap

I may or may not have a thing for burlap.
The fresh fall air seems to bring out a possible obsession even more.
I just think there are so many things you can do with such a plain, earthy, textured fabric like burlap.
The decorative bows are something that I’ve been doing,
But yesterday I made some little hair accessories with burlap,
And I’m rather pleased with how they turned out.
I put them up on Etsy,
So I guess we’ll see if other people like them too!
Take a gander:

I think this one is my favourite.
It would look better probably in darker or lighter hair to create more contrast. 

This one I like too, but it’s not quite as boisterous as the first one. I do like the black & white though.

Fun fun fun fun wear it on a Friday for the weeeeeeeekennnnnnnd!

I still have yet to sew another garment…
All in good time, my friends. All in good time. 🙂
-peace and love-


Can you tell this used to be a dress shirt for a man?

Well, maybe…. but still!

What did I do, you ask?

Cut the sleeves off,
cut the collar off,
took the sides in,
added some mild darts,
elastic on the shoulders and in center of back,
created sleeve half-ruffles out of the original sleeves I removed,
added a patch of lace on the right front (in case the gun you’re shooting kicks back) 😛
and made a fluffle (fluffy ruffle) out of tulle for the upper half of the placket.

Modeling pose… 
Unassuming pose…

Fluffle details…

Back o’ shirt… Ponderous pose…

Lace action…

And there it is! 
I am happy with it. 🙂
What should I sew next?
-peace and love-

Crunch Time

I haven’t posted anything for a while since I’ve been busy with trying to finish up some projects that will be up for sale at Handmade City 2 this coming Saturday.

Actually I’ve barely been on my computer much at all… the iPod touch is much quicker to use for a quick check up on this or that than this old beast, although typing is by far more efficient with the old laptop.

We had a good time with Family on Easter, and had some good food and got some cute pictures taken of the babies at church – I need to take more pictures as the Boy is growing. I take a lot as it is, but he is changing every day and I have the feeling that one day I’m going to realize that he’s grown up and wish I had more pictures to reminisce over. Plus he can just be such a goofball sometimes. Hopefully I can capture more of that!

I must say, this has probably been the rainiest spring that I’ve ever seen in my 26 years of living. The plus side is that the grass is looking vividly green and the trees are blooming and bright and flowers are looking healthy. The downside is that it’s extremely gloomy every single day, and for some reason, I find it harder to accomplish things when the weather is so sucky. Snow is different because it’s soft, quiet, sparkly and beautiful. But rain is just gray and wet and annoying to walk around in. So I avoid that, and stay inside.

I guess that’s all for now – I most likely will not end up posting again until after Saturday!

Don’t forget to come – it’s going to be super fun!
If you’re looking for a slouchy hat, a baby hat, a leather & chain bracelet, a fabric flower clip, a bicycle backpack, or ready-to-display-art-in-a-frame, come visit my table! 😀

Check out the website if you don’t already know what the details are.

-peace and love-

p.s. Isn’t this rug from Anthropologie just ridiculous cute? I would totally put this in the baby’s room! I can’t help it… it’s my favourite store, even if I can’t afford stuff from there 🙂

Baking Soda Hair – & projects 43, 44, & 45

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to forfeit shampoo.
Well, I went back to it.
Now after reading multiple articles that I stumbled upon
(it must have been a sign!)
I am trying to go poo-free again.
Replacing it with : a baking soda wash.
I mixed a teaspoon of the stuff with a cup of water,
And poured it on my head and scruffed it around.
It was definitely not as satisfying as a normal shampoo,
But I have read that it is much better for natural oil production of the scalp.
What shampoo does is
A. Strip your hair of natural oils, causing your scalp to overproduce to make up for it
B. Makes you shampoo your hair more often than otherwise necessary because of the oil build up and
C. Thus makes you buy more shampoo.
The moral of the story, it’s probably just a marketing scheme.
I mean look at the ingredients on the bottle! Who knows what all that junk is!
Lately my eyes have been opened to ingredients and how gross some of the stuff we use on our bodies and put into our bodies unknowlingly is.
Obviously some of it’s just too good to care about,
But shampoo is not one of these for me. At least not right now.

Here is a photo I took yesterday of my baking soda hair.

It feels a little grungy, but I have to be patient and wait for my scalp to regulate it’s oil production, or so I’ve read. So I will wait.

Oh and I did something to my hair. But I will post pictures of that at a later time.

Here are my projects from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!
I may end up doing a post tonight, but probably not.
My brother is home from Korea
(after over a year of being gone, teaching over there!)
And we are probably going to be too busy having fun and doing art for me to want to make a double post today. But.
Never say never.
At least that’s what they say.

MONDAY : two tone slouchy hat!

TUESDAY: A card for my cousin’s baby shower… took this photo with my cell phone, 
That’s why it’s so incredibly sucky.

WEDNESDAY: a onesie for my cousin’s baby shower. I handpainted an ipod nano with Dave Matthews Band on it, because that is her favourite band. (so obviously it will also be the baby’s favourite band 🙂  ) I have to block her temporarily from my facebook now so she won’t accidentally stumble upon this blog entry and spoil the gift surprise!
That is all for now.
-peace and love