Site Update in Progress

I’m sort of stuck in 2001 when it comes to websiting.
Forgive me as I try to update this site!
Google and The YouTube are helping me along but it’s a slow process. 🙂

In the meantime you can visit my facebook page:

Or listen to my new album “Sound the Lights” on Spotify:

If you are interested in a handmade beanie, or need to contact me for any other reason,
shoot me an email!

Thanks for your patience! 🙂

State Street Market

Today was wild! Crazy wind, intermittent downpours, flying tents, but still lots of laughing and visiting with friends. 

I’m glad that I got to be a part of State Street Market; it definitely rolled in those autumn festivity vibes right along with the weather.

Ashley of ‘Ruby Eloise’ in her totally cute booth of amazing watercolor paintings. 

Sandwiching in Howie my hat model, so he wouldn’t get picked up by a heavy gust.

A closer look at some of my table details

My little OhLeahLeah corner!
Hope you are bringing in the new season with some traditional fall festivities! 

-peace and love-

One or Two

Continuing on with this February Album Writing Month theme…

There was a challenge posted to write a song using basically one chord for a minimum of one minute in the song.
I played a lot of “G” but other than that, I’m not sure what all happened in there
So here it is, how it is, and whatever I’m playing.



-peace and love-

Honey, Please

I am participating in something called “February Album Writing Month” which I discovered through my brother.

It’s basically where anyone who needs a little kick in the pants and some motivation to get some music writing done can go and attempt to write at least 14 songs in the month of February. Check it out if you’re curious to know more at

I have 2 completed songs and a few incomplete songs… and many more to go,

But here is this for now!
Thanks for listening!


-peace and love-

Clay Beads!

Have you ever used Sculpey clay before?

My mom bought some when we were young, for some reason – to make dollhouse people food, perhaps.

Now, it’s fun to pull out the box-o-clay with my own kids and get our sculpting on! I tend to repeatedly gravitate towards making guinea pigs – but this time, I had a few special requests – and it was so fun! 

Check out my Instagram or Facebook page to see what some of these turned into – jewelry-wise!

Which animals should I make next?

-peace and love-



This tree won’t be up much longer,

But tonight I’m enjoying the glow and using it to see what I’m doing. 

New Year. New hat in the making. What else can we all make this year? 


-peace and love-


I watched the lightest feather in the world float to the ground.

It took probably a whole minute.

Then I watched a rabbit sit still for about 10 minutes,

And wondered to myself if she was sleeping with her eyes open like a guinea pig might do.

And I never even googled it.

Then I tuned back in to my life and cleaned up my kitchen. 

Sometimes you just have to check out for a minute.

-peace & love-


This guy …

Like anybody, he has moments.

But for the most part,

His eyeballs shoot out sunbeams

And he lights up rooms with his smile.

Just don’t take his markers.

-peace & love-