about leah

Leah Michelle

In case we aren’t already acquainted
And you’re curious,
Here are some things.

I am a chill lady in the midwest USA who likes:
music, sweatpants, and trying not to kill plants.
I like drawing, watercolor, piano, guitar, bass.
I write, record, play, and sing my own music.
I also cut my own hair, but right now it’s long.
Sometimes I crochet beanies.
Other times I bake breads and things.
I was homeschooled until I went to college.
I google everything to further my knowledge.
I have a little fam with a big dog.
I am not religious; I have peace with God.
I wish I was organized, but I am not very.
I work as a barista in a secret cafe.
I like to dream both big and small.
I like to learn new skills and try to fix stuff myself.
I love learning about different places and people
And am studying the Danish language.
I also speak some Spanish.
I have been to Mexico twice and love it there.
I adore books, especially with great covers
Or beautiful illustrations.
And the smell of books.
I value honesty, compassion, and wisdom,
Humor, vulnerability, and freedom.
I enjoy learning about people;
Deep conversations about anything
And trying to understand who they are
And what their journey has been like,
What their dreams and goals are.
We all share this world
And it works best if we are kind
Really strive to listen
And love each other. ❤

-peace and love-