Hallways are a great source of thought.
There is nothing you can do
While walking down a very
Long corridor
Except keep moving forward.
I mean, there are various ways one can move-
Most people decide to walk.
I suppose because that is most acceptable
And the most efficient use of one’s time,
And probably the most energy efficient mode.
How efficient are we.
But WHILE you’re moving forward,
And especially if it’s a long long hallway,
You’re having all sorts of different thoughts
That I guarantee you wouldn’t be having
If you were simply walking in a regular room
Or a more open lengthy walkway.
There is something about that closed-in feeling.
It makes you think differently.
On a similar-but-not-completely-related note
I think I had my first notable claustrophobic experience
In a long hallway.
I vividly remember staring down that
Muted yellow, underground, cement hallway,
Walking within this herd of students
And feeling like it stretched on forever
And I might be stuck in there for an eternity,
Futilely trying to reach the end.
But guess what?
I made it to the other side of the school campus
And I’m still here today.
With lots of thoughts about hallways.
Also I guess stay off your phone
While you walk down a hallway
Because it might ruin your home-made thoughts.


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