Clocks and Sounds

Who needs an alarm clock
When you’ve got a dog?
They are used to a routine through the week,
So the fact that it’s a weekend morning at 6 am
Makes absolutely no difference to them.
They will wake you up when you normally rise,
And go outside,
And you might wake up
(if you went to bed at a sensible hour)
Feeling rather refreshed and ready to face the new day
Instead of wanting to force yourself back to sleep
For no other reason other than
“It’s The Weekend.”
When I was about 11 or so,
I had one of those vintage alarm clocks
With the little flippy tiles,
You know, like the one in Groundhog Day –
I liked the soft click it made each time a new number rolled over.
I don’t think they manufacture those much anymore
Probably because of the clicking
Or maybe because the tiles would sometimes stick
And then obviously the time wouldn’t be accurate,
Or maybe because Liquid Crystal Display took over –
But I think they should make a comeback.
Sometimes those lost vintage sounds are really satisfying.
What if you could no longer hear the turning of the page of a book,
The ticking of a clock,
(or the flipping of a clock tile)
The soft chatter of doorway beads,
The intense ring or angry hangup slam of a telephone,
The startling buzz of an actual door-bell,
The crackle of vinyl records,
The hot popping of a wood stove,
The snap/whip of laundry hanging outside on a windy day,
The dial-up internet connection song…
I don’t know about that one –
But I’m glad that some of these sounds are still around.


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