Last year I read a book.
I mean,
I pick up and start lots of books
Through the course of one year.
But finishing a book,
For me, that’s kind of a big deal.
It’s funny because I used to read a lot
I mean a LOT
When I was a kid.
But I guess as I grew older,
And started raising guinea pigs,
And learned how to do more and more things,
My hobbies expanded.
The more skills you obtain,
I guess the more you have to organize
And prioritize your various activities.
But I really do enjoy reading.
This year,
I already have some books that I want to read
And if I get through all of them
Or one of them
For me,
That will also be a big deal.
I will celebrate for myself
By making a cinnamon cake.
Because I don’t think Pizza Hut
Will acknowledge my reading success
At this ripe old age.


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