It’s the Little Things

People say that, you know.
I think normally it’s implied
That the “little things” give to us
Those sparks of joy,
Moments of wonder
Where you catch your breath
And note an overwhelming sense of appreciation.
Little things are great
And I like to take note
Of those things and enjoy them
Just like anyone else.
I also think little things
Can bring you to the edge
Of feeling the opposite way as well.
Sometimes there is a big thing
That is underneath,
But then suddenly it’s a little thing
That will grip your chest
And fight for your peace
And will you into distraction
And disorient you
Because it might be the butterfly
That throws your world off-kilter.
But the good little things
Are more numerous.
Maybe they make up the gusts of wind
That carry the butterflies away
And bring in a new round of fresh air
As you drink it in and know.


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