Laundry Piles

I wonder about other people.
It’s hard not to compare yourself around
And think that others might do things
A little differently
If for no other reason than
There are so may ways to get things done.
Let’s talk about laundry, for instance.
I think there are some people
Who do their laundry,
Grab it out of the dryer, or off the line,
And fold it.
Right then and there.
They don’t dilly dally
Because that’s just not something this type of person would do.
Well I am very happy for you if that is who you are.
But we’re not talking about you right now.
We are talking about the pilers.
Those who get several loads clean
And then
The pile grows.
Does it grow on a table?
Does it grow on a bed?
Does it grow on the floor?
The couch?
In a patchwork of baskets?
What is the number of days
Which the pile is allowed to grow
And be nurtured
And gently worked around
As it sits and relishes in the beautiful gift
That is freedom from a drawer.
What kind of shirt wants to be all folded up
And stuck away in a dark drawer until it can be worn?
Some shirts don’t even get that much attention.
So the next time you have some clean, dry laundry,
Lay it fluffily in a soft place with some soft music
And let it enjoy the finer things in life.


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