Stick Thoughts

LEAH! Avatar

I have so many thoughts
That it almost seems impossible.
Like they might leave
And I might never get them back.
But you know what?
Thoughts are kind of like sticks,
I guess,
In the river.
You might throw one in there
And it might disappear for a while,
And it will either get pushed back to you-
And you’ll pick it up and go,
“Oh yeah! There you are!”
Or it might go downriver a little bit,
And go on a merry little adventure
(as sticks tend to do)
And show up for someone else.
THAT person can pick it up and say
“Well here is a great stick,
I will do something interesting with this.”
So you see,
If you don’t wind up using it,
Someone else will.
And that’s fine.
But if you like it a lot,
You may want to hang on to it.
That is that.


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