Which Seat Will I Take?

Do you remember that song
By Rebecca Black?
It goes,
“It’s Friday, Friday…”
And reminds you
Which days of the week appear when,
And all of the choices that you can make
Regarding breakfast and seating options?
It is now Friday.
The weekend is yours to figure out.
I majorly fumbled through the past week
So I am glad it’s over.
Sometimes you just need to
Fall asleep in a heap
And know
That the next round will probably go better.
I will say-
That I keep thinking about days gone by
And how people’s lives were paced so much slower
And how they knew fewer people
And did fewer things
And had fewer scattered thoughts
And went fewer places
And all of that fewer
Probably contributed to more peace
In their environments.
Having the time to actually sit by a fire
And string popcorn and cranberries on twine
To ‘trim the tree’.
Imagine that.
It’s funny but it seems to me
It actually takes a lot of hard work
To create that type of environment
In this wild little country of busy.


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