The fact that
There is just so much out there-
To do,
To see,
To hear,
To taste,
To feel-
It’s almost an incapacitating thought.
Here is one:
If you were to try to start listening to each song
That had every been written and recorded,
Starting now,
Without sleeping,
For the rest of your life-
I’m confident you would never reach the end.
Because although,
If you want to get technical,
There are a ‘finite’ number of songs,
I suppose-
There is no way that
(or me)
(or anyone for that matter)
Could possibly reach the bottom of it
In one lifetime.
I think about this a lot
And sometimes I feel a little left out
Because I realize that
There are some ear-meltingly perfect songs
That I will never get to hear.
But here is the good news:
Somebody will.
And you
(or me)
(or anyone)
Will grace your ears with the songs that you DO hear,
And that is how the bottomless abyss of music goes.
What can you do?
You can share something with others when you enjoy it
And toss it back out into the musical universe
To bounce around
From ear to ear to ear
Like a good game of ear pinball.
That’s what should happen with songs.


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