Distant Goals

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Do you have any of those things where
You sort of see it as a ‘goal’
But you’re not prioritizing it,
Not actually even actively pursing it
(meaning ‘at all’, not Covid type of Remotely)
But you still think about that thing and go,
“Ah yes, I will do that,
And when I do
It will be so great.”
Well I have one;
I would like to have a complete wardrobe
Of only clothes that I have made myself.
Yes like on a sewing machine.
So gradually,
I imagine myself beginning to sew things.
A shirt here
Overalls there
Here a sock
There a sock
Everywhere a sock sock
Just kidding… that’s my mom’s area of expertise
But you feel me.
I think about it sometimes,
And I wonder if other people have such distant goals
As I?


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