Side Table

I know that some animals are very well trained
And that’s nice.
I just realized that my dog is the perfect height
To be a side table to put a drink on next to the bed.
The thing is
She is not trained like that
And my drink would spill.
She is lying on top of the clean laundry
After I specifically told her she shouldn’t.
But she is very smart
And so she knows she is too cute to be in trouble.
I don’t care so much about side tables anyway,
Though they are nice.
I do have a chair problem.
I used to.
I think I’m better now.
It has been quite a while since I acquired one.
But that’s probably more because I have barely gone anywhere this year.
I do like finding a good old chair
And fixing it up to be an even better chair.
I don’t know why I’m like this.
Today I tried to imagine the Christmas feeling.
I haven’t felt it yet,
And I’m still waiting.
Some snow would help.


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