I did a lot of things today,
Speaking of checking boxes.
And I thought a lot of thinks.
Do you know that book?
I had two appointments,
And I was early for both.
I have decided
I like to be early.
Have you ever played SlapJack cards under a dog?
By passing them through to the pile under a standing dog’s belly?
I did that today too.
I also stole away to the
The laundromat is full of excitement
But only sometimes.
Tonight it was not.
Someone with Perry the Platypus pants told me
“You dropped a towel”
I said thank you.
I liked those pants.
I miss seeing people’s mouths out in public.
I was driving back at dusk
And just at the top of the hill
There was the prettiest color the sky was making,
Like a purple pink gray mixture,
And it blended around like a dry pastel
But then BOOM
The hazy blue outline of the bridge was mixed right in
Like it was all in one flat picture.
I was thinking it would make a good photograph
But like I said,
I was driving.
And I am very safety conscious most of the time.