Off On.

Some days, you just have to accept that things are off.
Everything is kind of weird and not going how you had hoped,
Usually ‘off’ days are followed closely by super duper uplifting ‘on’ days.
So there’s that to look forward to, right?

My little guy recently told me how to spell off and on.
I didn’t teach him this,
He knew what it meant from the switch by the light above his car-seat on the ceiling of the car,
And figured out the spelling on his own.

So there’s a little inspiration.
Just because you don’t know how to do something,
Doesn’t mean you have to wait around for someone to teach you.
Go ahead and try to figure it out yourself!
Probably except driving.
Let someone teach you that one.
And maybe a few other things where lives may be at stake.
But you know what I mean.

-peace and love-

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