New Year

I always get excited about having a brand new year to start,
Even though I’m not terribly fond of the cold weather and bleak skies that typically accompany it.
I like the clean slate.
I like the fresh start.
I like the thought of new opportunities.
I like the potential for accomplishments.
I like setting goals for myself.
I like leaving an old, used up year behind, and moving ahead.
I like looking back and observing the ways things have changed and improved
As well as finding things that I still need to work on.

In 2014 I didn’t accomplish as many creative projects as I would have liked,
And I don’t think I did much at all musically,
But I survived a really rough pregnancy
And we were blessed with a super awesome little dude-baby,
And we also bought our first house and fixed it up and moved in and I love it.
So I’m considering last year a win. 🙂

I am still figuring out my goals for this freshly poured, full cup of 2015,
But I know I want to fill it with family, friends, good times, laughter, and creativity.

Welcome, New Year!


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