Dreams, Nightmares.

When I dream up nightmares,
My plights are boring although somewhat realistic.
(Actually, my dream-vision is clearer than my actual sight.
It’s weird, like HD or something.)
I digress.
Take for instance, those from last night.

Mare #1: It was suddenly winter.
No autumn, no gradual temperature dip; it is now, July in the midwest, and it was FREEZING.
I was contemplating moving to Florida in my dream.

Mare #2: I had a long wispy beard section.
In my dream, I was terrified by the idea of having to shave this many-inches-long wisp of beard that was suddenly protruding from my face, so I was brainstorming for other ways to remove this sudden section of hair from my chinny-chin-chin.

Ok but here’s a bad one.
Those were NOTHING compared to the scariest nightmare that I’ve ever had in my life probably, that happened about a week ago.
I was at my parents house, and there was a storm siren going off outside.
I wanted to get everyone in the basement, but my mom was lingering at the top of the stairs with my 3-year-old son.
Instead of going in to the basement like she would most definitely do in real life,
She opened the door to the backyard ‘because he wanted to look outside’.
Well I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.
There was a huge flash of lightning,
And then they were both sucked outside into a tornado and I woke up feeling freaked out.

FOR the record,
I do not take any medicines or herbs or what have you.
This is one curse of having a vivid imagination.

I think dreams are interesting though.
I think sometimes they mean something
And sometimes they don’t
And sometimes it’s fun to piece together where everything came from, from the previous day’s experiences.


What do you dream about?

-peace and love-

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