Humankind, what is happening.

Today I went to the grocery store.
“Totally boring”, you’re thinking.
Well, you’re mostly right.
It isn’t that exciting.
But it shouldn’t upset you either.
I am concerned about old people.
Not only am I concerned when I see an elderly lady or gentleman driving gaily about in their cars with no apparent awareness that there might be another car or two on the road,
But now, they’ve started treating younger people crappy.
TODAY for instance.


Mind you, I am an extremely polite person when I am addressing an older person, ESPECIALLY.
I did nothing to warrant this reaction.
I  realize things like this happen.
Maybe she was having a bad day, maybe she’s in pain… troubled for some reason… I GET that.
But this was no isolated incident.
As I went on my way, trying to avoid this woman as well as I could given the fact that seemed to be appearing in every aisle I needed to be in,
Adequately blocking each and every one as she went,
Because you HAVE to be smack dab in the middle to find what you’re looking for,
I actually encountered about 5 more cases of angry geriatrics.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be glared at.
I promise there was nothing even remotely offensive about my appearance,
And the babychild was actually being happy and cute.
So I’m at a loss.
Why are old people becoming so mean?
Granted, there are also a lot of very nice old people
But when you encounter a crew such as I did today,
It really seems to magnify the problem.

Here ends my rant.
Don’t become like them.
And if I start to, slap me.
Happy shopping!

-peace and love-

2 thoughts on “Humankind, what is happening.

  1. Ok Leah. You are right you did nothing to warrant this reaction.
    With the report that there were several elders in the aisles though, let me shed light on this.
    I work in many nursing homes on the television systems. When a channel is out or poor video or audio Q or when they have missed a cubs game or a program they count on seeing, Boy do I hear about it. Remember they have not much else to do or to count on. The ones with assisted living quarters often take trips to the stores on their facility bus. This is their chance to get supplies or just to get a ride out of there to somewhere. They often have to wait a day or two for the scheduled trip, meanwhile doing without their specific need. I can relate to how this effects their overall demeanor, as I’m sure you can too. Thankfullness is what’s needed by them and by us. The good Lord willin’ each of us will get to these elder years. Bringing Thankfulness to God daily is our only hope of staying pleasent to each other. Thanks for helping me reflect on this and BTW your cartoon skills do ROCK.

    1. Thanks for the words Phill!
      It would be frustrating in a situation with limitations like that, I am sure.
      I’ve also encountered PLENTY of wonderful older people out in public as well, just not that particular day!
      I hope the people that were rude to me were just upset that it was hot out or something, and that they don’t treat people disrespectfully all the time,
      But like you said, it’s a good reminder to ourselves to check our own attitudes as well.


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